Penguin suits

(On the personal background, see my Zardoz posting; the posting below is one I started yesterday but was unable to finish. Hard days.)

Yesterday’s Rhymes With Orange cartoon shows a collection of (apparently all male, to judge from the prickly body hair) penguins putting on their (tuxedo-like) overcoats for journeying home after a winter party:

(#1) Translation between worlds: the characters are all penguins, but they are also human beings in a modern social situation

These penguin suits are overcoats (somewhat resembling tuxedos); in the classic penguin-suit cartoon, however, the suits are actual tuxedos.

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— from 6/29/21, the posting “Rainbows and penguins at the gym”, on Original Penguin, “a full lifestyle clothing brand from Munsingwear”, with the mascot Penguin Pete; apparently, they even make suits, so you can get an Original Penguin suit

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