Aradesque gets a name

(About the display of the male body and sex between men, in very plain language, so etirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

Well, a pseudonym — Cristiano Lorenzi, Chris for short — that he chose himself, as opposed to Aradesque, the name I gave an underwear model because he resembled bodybuilder, gay pornstar, and underwear model Arad Winwin, but wasn’t him. He was notable in the underwear ads because of his strong physical presence, projecting steamy desire and desirability in equal measures, and because of a collection of tats that make him easily recognizable, at least when he’s shirtless. The first of three shots of him in my 6/1/20 posting “Aradesque?”:

(#1) [from that posting:] Aradesque is definitely hot, and the DJ ads present him so intensely that you can almost smell his crotch (an effect the PUMP! staff were surely aiming for), but he appears not to be Arad

It’s the eyebrows, the eyes, and the hands. And of course the cock tease, just barely concealing his crotch from the camera.

CL is discovered. Two days ago a message from blog reader Martin, who’d stumbled onto a Twitter account for a guy who looked just like my Aradesque: Cristiano Lorenzi, in Sydney, Australia, @Chris_Lorenzi on Twitter:

(#2) Vers Thicc Uncut Guy into Kinky and Passionate sex

(An overhand pitsntits presentation. Both sexually hot and emotionally warm: narrowed eyes plus a half smile. Also note the wedding band.)

That’s just the thumbnail photo. There’s a ton of full-frontal nudity displaying CL’s hard dick, and film loops of him jacking off. If (#2) wasn’t enough for you to identify him as Aradesque, then the tats visible in these shots will do the trick. Cropped versions of two of these — a shot in harness, and an arty shot in the shadows — that are displayed in full in a posting yesterday, “Cristiano Lorenzi on display” on AZBogX:



Significantly, CL is doing no facework to speak of here; the point of these shots is to display CL’s dick. From my XBlog posting:

For a couple of years, I’ve been referring to this Daily Jocks underwear model as Aradesque, because he resembled bodybuilder, gay pornstar, and underwear model Arad Winwin, but wasn’t him; now he turns out to have an active life on Twitter under the (presumably stage) name Cristiano Lorenzi. His Twitter life is all about his body: his developing it at the gym, displaying it steamily, and flagrantly offering its two treasures, his uncut fireplug dick and his muscular ass. Two frontal shots that can’t be used on my regular blog: (#1) CL in harness; (#2) Naked in the shadows, spanning his dick between thumb and forefinger.

CL is open about his enthusiasm for getting fucked; here’s a rear view to go with (#3) above, with his head bent forward submissively:


(There are also photos of him on a bed, with his ass humped up for fucking.)

Commentary. Four matters that came up in further e-mail exchanges between Martin and me:

— CL’s general hunkiness, which I’ve commented on in postings on this blog following my “Aradesque?” posting; you can see from some of his tweets that this is carefully crafted by gym workouts

— the name “Cristiano Lorenzi”, no doubt a professional name rather than the model’s birth name, though it does seem to reflect his Italian-Aussie identity; entertainingly, there’s another Cristiano Lorenzi who’s a professor of Romance philology in Venice

— the fireplug / kielbasa cock

— the question of how CL makes his living, beyond modeling homowear in Australia; perhaps I’ve underestimated the market for underwear models in Sydney, but it seems likely that he needs further sources of income to pay the bills: he doesn’t seem to have made gay porn, but I’d imagine he does escorting or gives shows — either in person or on the net — for a fee (the Twitter account might be serving as his advertising for such services)

Now to review two of these topics from earlier postings on this blog.

fireplug / kielbasa. From my 3/25/20 posting “Three men”

About three men who make a living by “bodywork”: Jack Vidra, Seth Fornea, Hayden Clark. About their penises as the driving elements of their livelihoods; their penises as cultural and aesthetic objects; and especially about their penises as elements in their presentations of self. [X-rated photos accompanying this text are in an AZBlogX posting]

… two — Fornea and Hayden Clark — [share] notable fireplug / kielbasa dicks (relatively short but relatively thick — solid fistfuls).

(#6) A fire hydrant, or fireplug

(#7) Polish kielbasa sausages

… [Seth Fornea]’s dick, which makes such a substantial weighty bulge in his briefs, is not in fact particularly long. Actually, it’s only about as long as his hand is wide, 5″, maybe 5.5″, and you can verify that in the other images in the photo shoot. Ordinarily, such a dick — I have one myself — gets derided (at least in the US) as small, often rejected in the gay world as too small (though I once snagged an encomium for mine as a perfect mouthful, big enough to be satisfying but not so big as to be challenging). But SF’s dick is thick, and that makes it both weighty and notable, capable of making a big bulge in the briefs and entirely satisfying to look at. (Well, I think it suits him just fine.)

… Clark is slim and cute, and I view his cock as beautiful, mouth-wateringly so: now, that’s a cock you could really enjoy sucking — meaty but not gag-inducing

The Aradesque postings. On this blog. First, the other two photos from my 6/1/20 “Aradesque?” posting:

(#8) In bottomless boxer briefs, offering his ass

(#9) Tweaking a tit in a different cock tease from #1’s

Then appearances in six postings after 6/1/20:

— in my 11/2/20 posting “A diversion at the beginning of election week”,  a model (not named) in a mask labeled MASC :


A bit of word play on mask and masc(uline), underwear models being chosen for their projection of high masculinity (as here)

This photo appears again in my 5/11/21 posting, with more discussion.

— in my 1/22/21 posting “Another monument of butch fagginess”:


[this] mailing from the Daily Jocks company … has a model projecting a strongly macho, and highly sexualized, identity while wearing a PUMP! pink space candy underwear: faggy light pink in color, with a cute “space candy” patch on the pouch

… A slim-waisted muscle-hunk, with a hairy chest, notable abs, macho facial hair and haircut, and a ton of tats. Situated in his workshop. Meanwhile, he’s staring intently at the viewer, challenging them with a cock tease — the jock pulled down just to the top of his public hair — and a penis clearly outlined in that jock. He’s hot, and he’s sexually on offer.

(Note: this is the character the model is performing; many underwear models are adept at assuming a character that will appeal to men who have sex with men or fantasize about doing so. Of the model himself, I know nothing, beyond that he’s chosen to wear a wedding ring, though he might be married to someone of either sex.)

… The pouch is pretty in pink, and playful with its space candy patch on the pouch. Delightfully faggy (in a celebratory rather than pejorative sense): campy in tone and  flaunting “feminine” pinkness.

— in my 3/19/21 posting “Personas and poses”:

(#12) Aradesque I

Aradesque’s presentation of self is far to the queer end on the queer-straight scale, but (within the queer domain) also far to the butch end of the fem-butch scale.

Meanwhile, he’s performing a dick-framing gesture with his left hand, outlining a highly visible (though covered) half-hard penis — well short of a crotch grab, but similar in spirit to that gesture. In any case, it’s a homoerotically charged pose; he could just have rested his left hand lightly on his thigh, as he’s doing with his right hand.

(#13) Aradesque II

Yet another hand gesture, with his right hand: spread hand on belly, calling attention to his abs and pecs

— in my 4/7/21 posting “Assuming the position”, on two presentations of the male body as available for sex, from Freddy and Aradesque:


the model I’ve called Aradesque, offering his dick; with his legs spread to suggest the availability of his ass; displaying his muscular pecs and abs and a hairy armpit; and with his cruise face (dark wide eyes in a carefully groomed and made-up face)

For gay men, the two primary sexual features of the male body are the asshole (to fuck) and the dick (to jack off, suck, or be fucked by). The buttocks are technically secondary sexual features — the fleshy portals to the asshole within. And then there are the other secondary features, further signals of attractive masculinity, in particular facial, body, and armpit hair; and powerful male musculature (Freddy’s back, Aradesques’s arms and torso).

Both models are performing versions of what I’ve called butch fagginess(see my 8/14/18 posting with that title, and others following it), in which a primarily high-masculinity (often exaggeratedly so) presentation of self is combined with at least a few elements that are conspicuously, conventionally un-masculine, indeed faggy: slogans on clothing, facial expressions, stance, a conveyed urgent need to get fucked (as with Freddy), un-masculine bits of clothing or colors (like Aradesque’s neon pink jock), make-up (Aradesque’s eye make-up is fabulous), whatever.

… a much faggier presentation than [Freddy’s]. It is in fact an easily recognizable take-off on a classic (female) pinup pose (though in the pinups, the woman’s legs aren’t spread, but are drawn up (sometimes raised in the air).

— in my 5/11/21 posting “Revelatory masks”, same image as in 11/2/20:

This is the underwear model I have been calling Aradesque, used in advertising largely to convey butch fagginess, here wearing a mask announcing quite publicly that he’s butch / masculine. So he’s claiming a gender identity that would normally be inferred from the clear evidence of publicly visible characteristics: stance, gesture, facial expression, and so on — it’s something you show, not something you announce.

As a result, announcing that you are masculine, macho, or butch suggests that you are unsure that the high (in your estimation) level of your masculinity can be correctly inferred from  your visible characteristics, and so undercuts your claim; if you have to tell people how butch you are, you’re probably not very butch.

On the other hand, mask and masc make a cute pun. Maybe that’s all that’s going on in #1.

And then there’s the possibility that the character Aradesque is playing in #1 is boasting, with self-assurance, that he’s solidly masculine.

The problem with severely abbreviated messages is that they can convey so many different things.

— in my 5/29/21 posting “The hairy and the smooth”, the smooth-bodied model from “The Ecstasy of St. Atlas” in Presentation 1 vs. the hairy-chested Aradesque in Presentation 2:


From Daily Jocks in a 5/26 ad, more elastic straps, but with a more conventional presentation of the model’s body, posed flat against a background, as in most underwear ads (but sitting up in bed, rather than standing in front of some neutral background)
… the model’s body is hairy — very muscular, strongly masculine, and notably hairy, in contrast to the body in [“St. Atlas”]. The presentation of his body shares with that in [“St. Atlas”] what I’ve called the overhand arm position, a soft porn pitsntits presentation. And both models are displaying prominent earrings, presumably to convey to their primarily gay male audience that [the models’ characters] are macho, but definitely gay.

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