Another monument of butch fagginess

Today’s mailing from the Daily Jocks company (wth a “VIP sale”, offering $25 off when you spend $75) has a model projecting a strongly macho, and highly sexualized, identity while wearing a PUMP! pink space candy underwear: faggy light pink in color, with a cute “space candy” patch on the pouch:


A slim-waisted muscle-hunk, with a hairy chest, notable abs, macho facial hair and haircut, and a ton of tats. Situated in his workshop. Meanwhile, he’s staring intently at the viewer, challenging them with a cock tease — the jock pulled down just to the top of his public hair — and a penis clearly outlined in that jock. He’s hot, and he’s sexually on offer.

(Note: this is the character the model is performing; many underwear models are adept at assuming a character that will appeal to men who have sex with men or fantasize about doing so. Of the model himself, I know nothing, beyond that he’s chosen to wear a wedding ring, though he might be married to someone of either sex.)

Focusing on the jockstrap. In a close-up:


The pouch is pretty in pink, and playful with its space candy patch on the pouch. Delightfully faggy (in a celebratory rather than pejorative sense): campy in tone and  flaunting “feminine” pinkness.

Earlier on this blog.

— from my 8/14/18 posting “Butch fagginess”:

[Barcode Berlin]’s crop tees display attractive midriffs, and the models project muscular masculinity — solidly butch — but the tees also convey sociosexual messages in teasing and boastful ways that echo the open banter of queer men amongst themselves, acting faggy: faggy minus fem(me), butch fagginess).

from my 10/14/19 posting “Space Candy”:

a pink jockstrap nicely combines max-macho in the underwear world with high-faggy in color symbolism

in my 10/16/19 posting “Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock”, an extended riff on pink jockstraps

3 Responses to “Another monument of butch fagginess”

  1. Gadi Says:

    Can you make out his chest tattoo?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Alas, no. Though I puzzled over it for quite some time. (I also spent an hour looking through a huge number of photos of PUMP! models, without finding him.)

      • Juan Says:

        I think he has “Apasionado” (‘passionate’ or ‘intense’ in Spanish) written in a particularly stylized cursive that is very popular in Mexican-inspired tattoo parlors.

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