Briefs: Greg’s new shoes

This morning Greg Parkinson announced on Facebook that, needing comfy house shoes, he’d gotten these:


There’s a song for that:

The Banana Boy Song

🍌Banana boy very pretty
And his 🍌banana is sweet;
The 👠fruit of his 🍌banana
Is 💋delicious to 😲eat.

(I know, I know, only too easy and far too crude.)

What can I say about bananas that I haven’t already posted about? Well, it seems, quite a bit. Here, briefs from the slang patrol and the cartoon patrol:

banana boy. First, from Urban Dictionary:

banana boy: Slang term for a male with a penis that is curved when erect. (by D F Stuckey, 2/16/04)

Curved like a banana. Pretty common, and no bar to pornstardom. (There’s a Page on this blog about postings on angle and curvature. Where the penis bends, there bend I.)

(#2) Virtues of curvature: easy in the mouth

Otherwise, according to GDoS, in Australia, slang for a native of Queensland; in South Africa, slang for a native of Natal.

Bananaman. From Wikipedia:


Bananaman is a fictional character appearing in British comic books. Bananaman is a parody of traditional superheroes, being portrayed as a [clueless] schoolboy who is transformed into a [clueless] muscled, caped figure when he eats a banana. The character originally appeared in Nutty as the back page strip in Issue 1, dated 16 February 1980 drawn by John Geering.

He has since appeared in The Dandy and The Beano.

[Addendum 11/8: Searching for other things this morning, I came across an especially relevant earlier posting of mine: from 6/2/17 “Needlepoint X”,  on needlepoint works by Zach Nutman depicting gay sex, among them:

(#4) “Banana Republic”, with its subject naked down to his needlepoint pubic hair]

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