Halloween homowear: party in pink

Male underwear models minimally covered by garments designed for the sweaty dance floor of a raunchy fantasy gay club, so certainly not to everyone’s taste. And then (in somewhat distant homage to Barbie the movie), the garments in a full range of shades of butch-faggy pink: huge jutting packages wrapped in deep pink (the Brutus jockstrap); muscular buttocks, yearning for a depth pronging, framed by dark pink camo (the Combat jockstrap); and much more.

All this in the 10/17 e-mail ad from Daily Jocks, displaying some of its pink homowear for, surprise, Halloween. This year, the gaybros are tricking in pink.

The full ad, broken into three sections for this posting (label the whole thing as image #1):

Bonus: Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie the movie. The p.r. shot, apparently intended to show Ken demonstrating his brand of masculinity in the film, against a background of Barbie Pink (the color; see note below):

(#2) Gosling displaying himself as Ken

In the film, Barbie and Ken are (I am told) configured as having gender identities but not any kind of sexuality. But take (#2) on its own, divorced from the agendas of the film, and we see an entirely familiar character: a wildly hot gay man, cruising for sex in a Nice Guy presentation of himself.

This is the Cruise of Death, but with a smile, and it’s an Olympic-grade performance; queerboys will stand in line to service Cock Tease Ken, who’s pulled his jeans down to display the signature waistband of  his briefs, or even better, a jockstrap.

Cock Tease Ken is not conceivably any kind of romantic partner for Barbie; instead, he’s Barbie’s queer BFF, and they are wonderful together.

Barbie Pink. From the Wikipedia article on shades of pink:

(#3) Yes, its very own specific hue

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  1. aric2014 Says:

    “What a nice guy!”
    Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles (1974). And she’s wearing pink 🩷


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