Taking it from the gang

(About men’s genitals and man-on-man sex, in street language, with an image that’s WordPressable only because I’ve fuzzed out a ton of penises — so entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest)

Today only: yet another flash sale from gay-pornmongers Falcon | Naked Sword:

(#1) A spit-roasting plus gangsuck scene from Falcon Studio’s Men Noir 2 (MOC002), with, left to right: Race Cooper, Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Trelino (the pig in the spit-roasting, and the gangsucker). Tyson Tyler, and Dato Foland; whatever you might have thought at first, all the actors in this scene are Black

My first impulse was to post this for its depiction of spit-roasting and gangsex, because these are sturdy genres of gay porn portraying sex acts that are uncommon in real life. This is, instead, Gayland, a fantasy world in which, among other things, Take It to the Max — if X is hot, more X is even hotter — is a guiding principle.

This particular p.r. shot is also a study in facial expressions, in particular: How do I look while my cock is being serviced?

But then I realized that this was sociocultural gold, chronicling a change within American Black communities as to the value of light vs. dark skin. So that’s where this is going to go, probably to your great surprise.

Meanwhile, the five guys getting serviced are portrayed by porn actors familiar to me, but the target guy in this scene is played by an actor using the porn name Trelino, who was new to me;  and I think he’s adorable.  So there will be a digression on Trelino; think of it as dessert after the main course of racial attitudes and values.

Light vs. dark. The impression that the target of the sex acts in #1 — the pig in spit-roasting, the guy doing the gang-cocksucking — is White comes from the fact that Trelino is a very pale Black man. He’s the lightest of the Black men in the scene, so of course, he’s the target, filling a role familiar from a huge range of gay porn in which a collection of Black men gangbang (or spit-roast or whatever) a White guy. More or less: if you’re a light enough Black guy, you play Whitey.

This reflects a socioculturally significant shift in the place of light-skinned men in American Black communities. In the old days, light skin, closer to the White norm of the larger society, was highly valued. Anecdote: Some 60 years ago a straight Black friend of mine explained to me that his mother had laid down a strict rule: he could marry any Black woman he wanted to, and she would then be accepted in the family — so long as she had lighter skin than he did (he was already at cafe-au-lait, and sometimes got away with posing as an Arab, to escape the hassles of being Black in America); if she was too dark, they would both be expelled from the family.

But Black consciousness and Black pride have made serious inroads in the community, so that many younger Black people now value dark skin and deprecate light skin. That’s the world we’re in in #1. Trelino, with the lightest skin of the six men in the scene, gets fucked by the others and has to suck them off. Well, he’s also cute, twinkish, and amiable, and an enthusiastic bottom (while the others are not only darker in skin, but way tougher in their presentations of themselves). That just means that he was easily castable as the guy who takes a hell of a lot of dick at both ends — probably none of the other five would have accepted this role — but the lightness of his skin alone would have made him a shoo-in for the part.

And now Trelino. From the Boyfriend.tv site on Trelino, the pig in the spit-roasting scene:

eye color: brown; hair color: black; penis size: big; height: 163 cm (5′4″); body type: athlete; dick: uncut

But this fails to mention that his position preference for fucking is as a bottom, and that he is Black. These are not negligible facts in the world of gay porn (whereas brown eyes are scarcely worth mentioning alongside such viewer-crucial facts as dick size and foreskin state).

Trelino is an enthusiastic bottom, but does occasionally use his big cock to fuck other guys; here he is in a p.r. shot from boyspornpics.com — from a flip-fuck scene with the pornstar XI:

(#2) He has a sweet smile (not illustrated here, which is all about his eminently fuckable ass)

I’ve been unable to find out anything more about the actor, like how old he is (clearly still young), where he grew up (conceivably in a Hispanic Black context; it could have been, say, in NYC or LA, or someplace more exotic, like in the West Indies), or how he got the name Trelino (whose origin seems to be unknown, though it has been used as the trade name for a composting toilet).


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