Monday male photography: Vallantiro14

(Images of the male body as sexual object, with discussion of male genitals and man-on-man sex in street language, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest)

Beginning the new week with some racy photographic celebrations of the male body from Vallantiro14’s Tumblr site. The first image, Sexy Gardener — of a young man wearing nothing but a fitted white shirt, in the process of watering seedlings in peat pots, viewed from behind so as to display his fine masculine buttocks along with his hairy legs (which promise a hairy chest and hairy forearms, concealed at the moment by the shirt) — came to me from Bill Stewart on 7/20:

(#1) A fine composition, carefully calculated to display the very desirable body of an ordinary guy (not a gym-built model) engaged in useful everyday work (not posing seductively for the viewer)

The fitted shirt shows off his broad shoulders, suggesting the pleasures of his upper body. Meanwhile, his naked buttocks — which are pretty much what the photo is about — peek out from beneath the tail of the shirt. This is what is called, in coarse slang, a hot butt, or in openly dirty talk, a fuckable ass. (As a young man I had such buttocks, often commented on by gay men; my buttocks were then an open announcement of my availability — I just loved getting fucked — and an invitation to guys who wanted to fuck me.)

But the temperature of the photo in #1 is low — just showing, not advertising, though we’re entitled to wonder why this guy is watering seedlings minus his pants.

Well, this is not a photo from everyday life, even a posed one, but a fantasy extension of real life. Vallantiro14 could have given us this photo with the guy in tight shorts that would still display the outlines of his attractive buttocks, but he chose instead to go with the fanciful, putting those buttocks on display.

From Bill Stewart:

title of [Vallantiro14’s blog] blog being “Fashionable”. Lots of pictures, mostly speedos and often in Rio de Janeiro.

That’s where I’m going now. These are hot sexy guys frankly posing seductively, but with their dicks, balls, and asses enclosed in (mostly hot-neon-colored) speedo-style swimsuits, sometimes with visible hard-ons, but always showing off their barely covered dicks and handsome asses. They are also all smooth-bodied and mostly inkless.

A few boys on the beach. I’ll start with a guy in a neo-green speedo who Vallantiro14 has photographed a lot. Just two pictures of Green Speedo Boy here. The first showing him splashing in the surf with an inviting half-smile on his face (and really killer erect nipples):

(#2) Green Speedo Boy, coming from the sea

Then a rear shot, showing off his ass:

(#3) Green Speedo Boy, on the beach, from the rear

Then Gray Speedo Boy, showing a notable hard-on:

(#4) Gray Speedo Boy, posing on the rocks

And finally — surprise! — bad boy Pink Speedo Boy:

(#4) Pink Speedo Boy on the beach, with tats, big watch, baseball cap, a body-display pose, and a hustler facial expression


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