Two household photos

Following up on earlier postings about additions to my domestic environment, which came with mumblings of getting pictures of these things (I have no way to take photos myself any more) — now fulfilled by Erick Barros and his phone.

First, the new photo gallery “Street Life”. Then, the new equipment in the kitchen: wheat straw bowls, mugs, and cups to add to the plates from an earlier order.

The photo gallery. The earlier posting: from 5/21, “Street Life”:

A display of six sex-tinged (but not actually X-rated) photos of men on the street (from Samson McGee, who maintains a gigantic library of malesex photos for sale), each with a fortune from a fortune cookie. I have given them titles and ordered them below in a kind of natural progression; here with the fortunes [I’ve added index numbers]:

— 1 Soon Paid Off: street hustler, iconic and tough; All of your hard work will soon be paid off.

— 2 Performance over Speed: street hustler, not at all toughened up yet; People forget how fast you did a job — but they remember how well you did it.

— 3 Time Not Money: two sailors, possibly cruising, maybe even hustling; A friend asks only for your time and not money.

— 4 Offer Affection and a Sea-going Hard-On: two sailors strolling, one with a hard-on; Love is being offered to you, be affectionate in return!

— 5 Offer Affection and an Unbuttoned Hard-On: two guys talking on the street, one with a hard-on and his fly open; [once again] Love is being offered to you, be affectionate in return!

— 6 Fish Sticks and Moose Knuckles: two guys talking on the street  in front of a shop selling fish sticks (one sporting a tremendous moose-knuckle); Every wise man started out by asking many questions.

The photo:

(#1) The top row has photos 2 3 4, the bottom photos 1 6 5; to look at them in order, start with 1 in the southwest corner and go clockwise around the photos

(You might want to embiggen the image to see the photos better.)

(Yes, I know, not a classy mounting job. The mounting pins are extremely hard for me to handle.)

Wheat-straw-ware. To replace heavy, breakable dinnerware and flimsy, ugly cheap plastic plates. Photos of the individual items in earlier postings (most recently, in my 5/25 posting “Equipment days”). But now you can see them installed in my kitchen — on a counter, where I can reach them them (things in the cabinets are barely reachable or unreachable):

(#2) Right by the stove, in with the complex scheme by which my meds are dealt out (daily strips of plastic boxes, then little cups to take stuff to the table in); the mugs and cups are distributed around the house

I’ve grown fonder and fonder of the colors with each passing day.

Why, you ask, does an old man who lives alone and has almost no visitors who aren’t caregivers, have so many bowls and plates? Well, the makers sell them in sets of 4,5, 6, or 8, so they accumulate fast. And it’s a hassle to try to order just 2 or 3.  Anyway, I’ve taken to rotating through the colors as I use them; the variety is pleasurable.

Tonight’s sandwich for dinner came on a large rose-pink plate, with a pickle on  a small beige plate.

And with this posting, my Memorial Day comes to an end.


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  1. Mark Mandel Says:

    I like your wheat straw kitchenware! If I needed any plates, cups, etc. for myself I’d ask you how to order them (but I don’t, I have all I need & have room for).

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