Equipment days

From my 5/24 posting “More wheat-straw-ware”:

In my 5/20 posting “More new things”, I reported on replacing some thin, cheap, and ugly plastic plates, plates that I had just endured for years, with wheat straw dinner plates — 4 deep plates and 6 flat plates — which are sturdyunbreakable, lightweight, microwave-safe, and attractive (in a variety of muted colors [5/25: some would say these pastel colors are faggy, and I say bring ’em on]).

So pleased was I with these with these that on 5/22 I ordered 5 small plates and an assortment of bowls: 6 huge ones, 8 cereal bowls, and 5 small bowls. These arrived yesterday, 5/23 [photos from the makers below]

… [then] went for 8 13.5-oz mugs with handles … and 4 15-oz. cups with handles, which I hope can serve in place of tall glasses. [more photos below]

These are arriving today. Also arriving today: 2 OXO Good Grips dish brushes, to replace an old and dying — not to mention overharsh for wheat-straw-ware — dish brush.

And while I’m on the topic of household furnishings, I’ll throw in a photo of a hospital male urinal, since 3 of these are significant features of my household: my worktable urinal Otto (named for the big O of his mouth) and the two bedroom urinals, the OvalTwins, Ono and Ona (oval because their mouths got squinched into an oval, rather than round shape; they’re twins because they’re hard to tell apart, though careful inspection will show which one is Ono).

I’ve got the bowls. The large (60 oz) bowls, for soup, pasta, big salads, and the like:

(#1) 6 of them, 6 colors, including gay lavender

The cereal bowls, usable for many things:

(#2) 8 of them, 2 each of 4 different colors

Then the little bowls, for (among other things) small side dishes, like kimchi:

(#3) In 5 colors (lavender again!)

In my cups. Well, first the mugs (which fit my hand and are easy to hold):

(#4) 13.5 oz, in 4 colors

And then the taller cups, still to arrive:

(#5) In 4 colors

Brush my dish. The OXO design for easy handling by arthritic hands (I already have OXO’s forks, spoons, and knives in this design):

(#6) I’m getting 2 of these

Otto and the OvalTwins. All the same model, all originally from Stanford Hospital, also of course available from on-line sellers, as here:

(#7) The Vakly male urinal, from Amazon

This would be Otto, with his mouth covered. As for Ono and Ona, you can tell which is Ono, because he has a little bit of dried urine on his mouth that has stubbornly resisted being scrubbed off.

And no, I have absolutely no trouble whizzing into the mouth of a device named Otto. (I remind you that I am a person of wide sexual experience.)

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