The clitic t-shirt and its companion book

In my 5/10 posting “No clitic allowed”, a report on a PUT YOUR CLITICS IN SECOND POSITION t-shirt that I designed. It has now arrived, and I have modeled it, out in my little patio garden, among the blooming cymbidiums and in front of the ivy-covered wall, displaying a copy of:

Approaching Second: Second Position Clitics and Related Phenomena, ed. by Aaron L. Halpern & Arnold M. Zwicky (CSLI Publications, 1996)

Photo by Erick Barros:

The cymbidiums are rapidly reaching the end of their season, now that the days are actually hot. One of their flower stalks withers away every day and is chopped up to become compost on the garden. (The plants will then go into dormancy, meanwhile creating new rhizomes for next year’s blooms; during the hot dry season they will serve as handsome foliage plants — and require constant watering).

2 Responses to “The clitic t-shirt and its companion book”

  1. Mark Mandel Says:

    Beautiful flowers! The T-shirt isn’t bad, either.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Yes, it’s been an exceptionally good year for the cymbidiums — all that rain and very cool temperatures (but not cold; they’re not frost-hardy). But now the floral Grim Reaper visits every day.

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