Bedroom eyes

(Below the fold, a hot guy flashing bedroom eyes in nothing but a white low-rise basic brief that leaves little to the imagination: a matter of taste.)

A Daily Jocks flash sale — their term — for the Labor Day weekend. Work it, thick Nipaman!

I post this here for Nipaman’s lean, muscular body (very much to my taste) and of course for his remarkable bedroom-eyes performance, but also as a playful release at the end of a 9/2 day that began with a 12:30 am automated message informing me that my adjunct appointment at Stanford (and my use of Stanford e-mail, library services, and more) would be terminated on 9/4 (actually, the library services — access to the OED! — had already been terminated on 9/1), setting in motion 8 hours of heart-pounding Woo(l)ly Mammoth Crisis Time, temporarily resolved by my department’s paying for a year of these services for me while the issue of my appointment by the dean is settled.

But now I am yours, Nipaman. Work your sex magic on me.

(#1) Nipaman in bedroom-cruise mode; the narrowed, lowered eyes and intense gaze are part of the effect, but has anyone actually studied the details of how this works?

Now, for a mutual bedroom gaze, a famous cinematic one — for extra value, combined with lustful eating:

(#2) Tom Jones (Albert Finney) and Mrs. Waters (Joyce Redman) drink and eat at one another with lust in their hearts and eyes in the 1963 movie Tom Jones: a chicken leg, an oyster, a juicy pear

I much enjoyed the Fielding novel, but I adored the movie. I saw it I think 5 times in 1963. Well, I was 22 when it came out, and it was the beginning of the 60s.

As it happens, some decades later I had a lunch date in a trendy restaurant with a young man, just for the two of us to get acquainted, and things developed along the lines in #2, though our dining was much more decorous. But equally intense. Tom and Mrs. Waters ended up in bed at the Inn at Upton; Roger and I ended up enjoying a nooner at a pleasant university-area motel in Columbus OH. It was deeply satisfying.


5 Responses to “Bedroom eyes”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    I think I remember white asparagus as part of that scene, too.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    Also from the movie, but relevant to Nipaman: Tom Jones’s drunken ballad for the abusively bullying, puritanical tutor Mr. Thwackum: “Sing, Thick Thwackum, Thy Bounty Has Flown” — with the slang sense of thick:

    adj. thick: … 4 informal of low intelligence; stupid: he’s a bit thick | I’ve got to shout to get it into your thick head. (NOAD)

    … while Nipaman appears to be dimensionally thick, fireplug-style, in the dick department.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    Over on Facebook, in response to a reader’s having read Nipaman as Norman, as in Norman Bates, from the Bates Motel, I explain:

    Nipaman’s name (‘nipple man’ borrowed into Japanese) is a play on the name of the Japanese anime character Anpanman, roughly ‘bread man’ — a man made of a kind of Japanese bread.

    Yes, obscure and convoluted.

  4. zipperbear Says:

    If it becomes an issue again, OED access via the county library system is easy, even if Palo Alto has its own city library: “Library eCards are available to anyone living in Santa Clara County.”

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