Getting him on the mat

Today’s e-mail ad for a Daily Jocks sale features an ornamental (rather than strictly functional) wrestling singlet — a striking piece of homowear — worn in a sexual (rather than strictly athletic) stance by a model I’ll call Joe:

(#1) Joe has pulled the top half of his singlet down to fully expose his lean, nicely muscled upper body; meanwhile he’s in a stance no wrestler has ever used in an athletic competition: resting on his elbows, back arched, ass humped up in the lordosis position (see my 4/7/21 posting “Assuming the position”, about the lordosis, tail-in-the-air, or FMP (Fuck Me Please) body position, with links to other postings)

If Joe’s coach taught him that stance, then the coach had something in mind other than preparing Joe for an athletic match on the mat — men can be matched on a mat in other ways (videos with hot wrestlers grappling sexually are a subgenre of gay porn) — and that would be sexual imposition, not coaching. (But #1 is an underwear ad that is merely fantasy-framed as depicting a wrestler — a homowrestler in homowear.)

The postural point is that wrestling stances have the competitors with upper body bent forward, with back close to horizontal, and with hands and arms free, so that the men can lunge at one another with as much force and control as they can muster to grapple with their opponents. Here’s a college wrestler with his hands down about as far as they get:

(#2) Lehigh University wrestler in a match with Princeton (Princeton Athletics photo)

More Joe. We have seen Joe before, in that same singlet (but it was properly pulled up then), on that same mat, in that same workout room. On that occasion displaying, and offering, not his buttocks, but his package:

(#2) From my 1/31/22 posting “The portmanteau truck”, about Joe in a moosinglet, a moose-knuckle singlet

First thing, from that posting:

As items of homowear (rather than athletic wear), wrestling singlets serve, like harnesses, as what I think of as nipnpec displays, showing off the wearer’s nipples and pectoral muscles. As here.

Second thing:  #1 offers Joe’s buttocks, the centerpiece of which is his anus, while #3 offers his package, the central content of which is his penis — the penis and the anus being the twin foci of man-desiring men’s sexual fancies. So #1 and #3 together pretty much cover the hot spots of male-male desire.

Third thing: the model playing Joe-the-wrestler is very attractive: hunky-smooth, lean but nicely muscled body, long male face with beautiful eyes, a lovely smile (well, somewhat impertinent half-smile in #3, but serious, intent face in #1), and a wonderful warm light brown skin tone. Yes, I know, I am describing my man Jacques as a young man, when I fell in love with him. (Including the skin tone; the Mediterranean French tone of Jacques’s skin was a bit lighter than this, but brown enough that he was sometimes taken to be North African.) So of course I think the model playing Joe is hot hot hot.

Not that that would move me to buy a wresting singlet as partywear.

I suppose that this would be the time to remind my man-desiring readers (male or female) that tomorrow is Masturbation Day, and that Joe-the-wrestler is free goods for your visual fantasy use. He came in my e-mail this morning, and I’m passing him on to you now.

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