Bunnies with baskets: more dirty fluff

(Warning: much of this is heavy in male bodies and man-on-man sex in very plain language — you know me, Al — so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yesterday’s installment — “Bunnies with baskets”, here — only got through some amiably very dirty doggerel of mine and analysis of its poetic organization, when the draft for the rest was eaten in a computer disaster. But now I’ve re-composed the whole damn thing, and added a bonus section, so today you’ll get not only stuff about the 2001 film The Fluffer (which is not at all fluffy), but also the 2011 film Going Down in LA-LA Land (which has some joyously fluffy moments).

So today it’s about the noun fluff, the verb fluff, the agent noun fluffer, and the adjective fluffy. Inspired by entertaining vrai-gai exchanges on Facebook beginning on 3/31.

To recap yesterday very briefly, the doggerel was entitled “They fuck like bunnies”; it took off with the lines Fluffy was a bunny / Fluff was a queer (the parallel second verse starts Fluffy had a basket / Thick dick and big balls); with two accompanying images:

(#1) Pottery Barn Kids’ Natural Seagrass Basket: basket, bunny, eggs, green grass (of sorts) — at the end of the verse, Fluffy gets fucked in the sweet green grass

(#2) Theatrical poster for the 2001 film The Fluffer, showing a very hot Scott Gurney as g4p porn actor Johnny Rebel, the fluffee in sexual encounters with the adorable Michael Cunio as fluffer Sean McGinnis

Now, a choice point. I can ask you to delay gratifying your desire to be amused and titillated by the Facebook banter, in favor of giving you the lexicographic background, or I can let you get right down with the entertaining stuff. At the risk of being accused of edging you all — well, some people really like getting edged, maybe you do — I’ll put on my lexicographer / linguist hat first, then my big gay chapeau (well, what I actually have is a deep pink cap with BOAR’S HEAD on it).

A mouthful of words. Nouns, verbs, agent nouns, adjectives.

The noun fluff. From NOAD:

1 [a] soft fibers from fabrics such as wool or cotton which accumulate in small light clumps: he brushed his sleeve to remove the fluff. [b] any soft downy substance, especially the fur or feathers of a young mammal or bird. 2 entertainment or writing perceived as trivial or superficial: the movie is a piece of typical Hollywood fluff. 3 informal a mistake made in speaking or playing music, or by an actor in delivering lines.

The verb fluff, first from NOAD, then (more usefully for my purposes here) from AHD5:

NOAD verb fluff: [with object]1make (something) appear fuller and softer by shaking or brushing it: I fluffed up the pillows. 2informal fail to perform or accomplish (something) successfully or well (used especially in a sporting or acting context): the extra fluffed his only line.

AHD5 tr. verb fluff: 1. To make fluffy: fluff a pillow; a squirrel fluffing out its tail. 2. Informal a. To ruin or mar by mistake or blunder: They fluffed their chance to participate in the playoffs by losing their last three games. b. To forget or botch (one’s lines). 3. Vulgar Slang To cause (a man) to be sufficiently aroused so that he is able to have sexual intercourse, especially in a pornographic film.

The agent noun fluffer is in principle derivable from any of the verb senses, but is especially of interest here in the use derived from AHD5’s sense 3 (my recasting of definitions from several sources):

to perform (especially offscreen in a pornographic film) manual or oral sex on a man, to keep him aroused so that he is able to maintain an erection and reach orgasm when that is called for.

The adjective fluffy. From NOAD:

adj. fluffy: 1 [a] of, like, or covered with fluff: a fluffy towel | fluffy white clouds. [b] (of food) light in texture and containing air: cream the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy. 2 [a] informal lacking substance, depth, or seriousness: the commercial wallows in soft, fluffy, feel-good territory. [b] (of a person, especially a woman) frivolous, silly, or vague: fluffy blondes in leopard-skin pedal pushers.

Astonishingly, almost all of this is relevant in some way to the FB banter.

The FB exchanges.

Aric Olnes on 3/31:

I just spent the last three hours fluffing and, girl, am I exhausted.

[AZ comment on WP: here I put my linguist-hat back on briefly, to observe that Aric’s am I exhausted is an exclamation in the form of a yes-no question — a pairing of form with divergent function that’s conventionalized in English]

[later, Aric clarifies the basic sense of fluffing he intended, beyond the double entendre, of course the double entendre: “Fluffing in this sense, for me, is doing minor chores around the house & yard in anticipation of having guests – dusting, doing dishes removing clutter, etc. … My sister Marjie & I are experts in the ‘Art of Fluff’ and it has become a bit of an inside joke between us. … Stress Cleaning falls under the category of Fluffing in this context as well.”]

AZ > AO:

Actual fluffing in the [porn] business can apparently be both boring and tiring. Plus, muscle cramps in the hands and sore jaws are occupational hazards.

[AZ comment on WP: the DVDs for high-end gay porn flicks frequently come with extras: out-takes, unused scenes,  cum-shot compilations, trailers for other porn films — and footage of the fluffing, to hold an actor’s hard-on while scenes are being set up. (I recently watched the fluffing footage for Joe Gage’s Mens Room: Bakersfield Station (for TitanMen), an epic of t-room sex. Simultaneously hot — it’s hand jobs and blow jobs, after all — and really tedious — it’s not going anywhere, it must not go anywhere. My jack-hand and jaw began to ache sympathetically for the fluffers.)]

Tim Evanson > AZ:

And it’s a choking hazard.

[AZ comment on WP: an image that is both quite funny and unpleasantly grotesque.]

Robert Guido > AZ:

Here I stand, the goddess of Desire
Set men on fire. I have this power
Morning, noon, and night, it’s drink and dancing
Some quick romancing, and then a shower
Stage door Johnnies always surround me
They always hound me with one request
Who can satisfy their lustful habits
I’m not a rabbit. I need some rest
I’m tired
Sick and tired of love
I’ve had my fill of love
From below and above
Tired, tired of being admired
Tired of love uninspired
Let’s face it, I’m tired!
I’ve been with thousands of men
Again and again
They promise the moon
They always coming and going
Going and coming
And always too soon
Right girls?
I’m tired

AO > RG [continuing the quote]:

Let’s face it, everything below the waist is kaput!

AZ > RG:

For our readers in Dubuque: “I’m So Tired”, sung by Lili Von Schtupp (played by Madeline Kahn) in Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles. … Oh yes, to add: even rabbits need to rest. … And further, to remind people how much swag you get with your Queer Card™ [AZ on WP: like the gay-inflected sections of Blazing Saddles at your fingertips].

(#3) MK in the movie; you can watch the scene here

That was a lot of fun.

The Fluffer. From Wikipedia: (with the names of the actors playing the protagonists, the fluffer and the fluffee, in boldface)

The Fluffer, a 2001 American independent film, is a triangular story of obsessive love set against the backdrop of the adult video industry. The film was written by Wash West and co-directed by West and his husband Richard Glatzer. The Fluffer features cameos from a number of figures in the adult entertainment industry, including Ron Jeremy, director Chi Chi LaRue, Karen Dior, Zach Richards, Derek Cameron, Chad Donovan, Thomas Lloyd, Jim Steel, Chris Green and Cole Tucker.

… Plot: Sean McGinnis [played by Michael Cunio] is a film student who moves to Los Angeles to break into the movie business. While looking for work, he passes the time watching rented videos, preferring classic films. He sets out to watch Citizen Kane, but the videotape has accidentally been switched with an adult movie called Citizen Cum. Sean becomes instantly obsessed with the star of Citizen Cum, Johnny Rebel [played by Scott Gurney]. His interest in Johnny leads Sean to turn down work in the mainstream film industry to become a cameraman for Men of Janus, the production company that has Johnny under exclusive contract. On his first shoot, Sean ends up as a “fluffer” for Johnny, performing (offscreen) oral sex on him to help him maintain an erection and reach orgasm for the “money shot.” He learns that Johnny’s real name is Mikey [Rossini], he is “gay-for-pay” and doesn’t perform oral sex on other men or even kiss. Johnny has Sean fluff him on additional productions, and Sean’s infatuation continues to grow. He confides his feelings for Johnny to co-worker Silver, who tells him that the relationship is hopeless because Johnny’s a porn star and straight [and then complications ensue].

Theatrical release poster in #2 above, showing Gurney; here’s a screen capture from the trailer showing Cunio:

(#4) The face of innocence, ensnared by the corrupt and negligent object of his desire

Cunio. From IMDb on the actor on the musical stage, singer, and songwriter Michael Cunio:

Cunio, described as the “spawn of Freddie Mercury & Janis Joplin”, has performed … as a featured vocalist for Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. His debut collaboration was a Queen inspired cover of The Buggles’ Video Killed the Radio Star … He gained national attention as the “electrifying wailer” in PBS retro-rock group Under the Streetlamp … [and has released a] “gloriously gritty” solo album Back Alley Soul … In 2019 Cunio joined popular circus Teatro ZinZanni as their first male “chanteuse”.

Cunio is resplendently gay; he’s a hoot. And for an extra dose of fluffy fabulousness, his Italian family name is indeed derived from Latin cuniculus ‘rabbit’.

Gurney. IMDb has a very brief bio for the competitive athlete, model, film and tv actor, and now producer (of, among other things, omigod, Duck Dynasty) Scott Gurney.

Gurney appears to be, um, gay-averse, no longer wanting to be associated in any way with a project as scurrilous as The Fluffer.

Going Down in LA-LA Land. Ten years after The Fluffer and certainly making a bow to the earlier movie, while being quite different from it in plot details, tone, and cinematic style. From Wikipedia (this time I give the whole plot summary; again marking the names of the two principal actors — now playing a porn actor cum callboy and a closeted john of his — in boldface):

(#5) The DVD cover (with L.A. itself as a major feature); I think Ludwinski’s facial expression was supposed to convey intense ambition, but it looks distressingly (and in the context of the movie, inappropriately) rapacious

Going Down in LA-LA Land is a 2011 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Swedish filmmaker Casper Andreas and based on the novel by Andy Zeffer. It was released in New York City on April 20, 2012, and in Los Angeles on May 18, 2012.

… Plot: Unable to find work as an actor in New York, Adam [Matthew Ludwinski] decides to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career. He moves in with his eccentric but lovable friend Candy [Allison Lane], whose fiancé Frank [Scott DeFalco] supports her. Adam gets a reception job at a talent agency, but gets fired for showing up late one day. He then meets Nick [Casper Andreas], a guy from the gym who works as a director and photographer. Nick helps Adam land a job with Jet Set Productions, a company that produces gay pornography.

He is offered extra money to appear in the company’s videos, but insists that he only wants to work behind the camera. However, Adam starts to struggle financially when Frank breaks up with Candy. Nick, who is now dating Adam, convinces him to appear in a solo masturbation video under the name “Andrew” in order to help pay his rent. After making more videos, his boss Ron [John Schile] tells him about his escort business where he pairs actors with high-profile clients.

Through his work, Adam is introduced to John [Michael Medico], a successful actor from the popular television sitcom Life Lessons.

(#6) Adam and John’s first kiss (my regular readers will know that Men Kissing is a very big thing for me; this is an excellent example of the genre)

The two start to see each other regularly, and John offers Adam a job as his assistant, which he happily takes. He later encounters Nick, who begs for money after his addiction to meth caused him to lose his job. He also apologizes for how he treated Adam, and leaves.

Sometime later, Adam is then put into the public eye when his porn star career is exposed in several tabloids. While John later explains to him that he knows Adam would not tell anyone about their relationship, he can’t risk losing his career by being associated with him. While Candy wants Adam to take advantage of his newfound fame since John fired him, he says he could never hurt John. Adam then almost dies when he mixes alcohol and pills.

While in the hospital, John calls Adam to see if they can meet up, without knowing about his accident. Adam then tells John that while he loves him, he can’t go back to keeping their relationship a secret. Adam decides to move to Miami and figure out what he wants to do. While packing, John shows up at the apartment and says he wants Adam back into his life. They go outside where a group of paparazzi have been waiting, and kiss in front of the cameras before driving away [as highly visible lovers in celebrity L.A.].

Happy happy joy joy. (Joy is a big thing for me too.)

(I note that director Casper Andreas gave himself the part of the messed-up meth-head, who isn’t really an asshole like Johnny Rebel in The Fluffer, but still … )

Show me your fluffer, I’ll show you my rentboy. In both movies, the central figure is a young gay man, an innocent in Los Angeles, who slips into becoming a gay sex worker (fluffer; porn actor / rentboy) paired with a self-destructive crystal meth addict (a g4p porn actor; a gay photographer of porn). In The Fluffer (2001), the young man has to get free of his dark obsession with this guy; in Going Down (2011), he has to break with the guy to become united with his true love. The Fluffer is a tragedy of bad love disintegrating; Going Down is a comedy of good love — between a closeted tv actor and an ambitious young man he’s hired for sex, get used to it — getting joyously affirmed despite great adversity.

Meanwhile, The Fluffer‘s gay L.A. is a place largely of interiors, while Going Down‘s gay L.A. is a celebration of the city’s public places. Plus, Going Down has some great music. Both movies use as actors performers from the entertainment world — from the porn industry in The Fluffer, from gay-oriented performers and celebrities, mostly with a comic edge (Bruce Vilanch, Judy Tenuta, Alex Mapa, Perez Hilton), in Going Down. Chad Donovan, Derek Cameron, and Cole Tucker (all in the Fluffer) are celebrated for their performances (in gay porn), but they never played for laughs.

going down. Of course, another play on words: for oragenital sex — in the context of the movie, cocksucking — and for descending — in the context of the movie, descending into the degradation of sex work. Except that the movie does a pretty good job of admitting that sex work sometimes is indeed degrading, while making the case that it isn’t necessarily so. (I often note that waiting tables can be degrading work, especially for women, but that it isn’t necessarily so — and that the degradation doesn’t come from the nature of the work itself, but from the system of sociocultural beliefs, attitudes, and practices it’s embedded in.)

Meanwhile, of course, we should all be celebrating going down (technically, oragenital sex) as an act of intimacy and mutual gratification. With a dick as object of service: sucking cock / cocksucking  (technically, fellatio), or a blow job (and also the collateral act of muffdiving, technically cunnilingus). Relatively low in intensity, easy to perform in a wide variety of circumstances, requiring little preparation or clean-up, providing gratification for four of the five senses for the servicer and (if that’s what you’re after) orgasm for the serviced, and a whole palette of psychological satisfactions for the two participants. Good stuff.

Oh dear, I’ve now strayed far from the raunchy silliness of “Fluffy was a bunny” and the comic sweetness of the romance between Adam and John. Though I note that there seem to be few good dirty jokes on going down. Maybe the portmanteau  play on gay guys in a fellationship. But surely you could set up an entertaining movie scene with an elevator operator and a sexually needy gay passenger (“What!? Right here in the elevator?” But then, desperate for a cock in his mouth , he drops to his knees). We need a team working on the project. And while you’re up, get me Max Grand.

3 Responses to “Bunnies with baskets: more dirty fluff”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Ok, apologies for that last pile of Easter eggs — “while you’re up, get me Max Grand” — and some explanatory mercy for my readers. Two allusions jammed together here.

    First, from my 2/22/20 posting “While you’re up” —
    — a Bizarro cartoon with an instance (“If you insist on going out, could you pick up some mealworms on the way back?”) of the BACKGROUND CONDITION + REQUEST formulaic construction made famous in the slogan from an early 1960s ad campaign for Grant’s blended Scotch whisky, “As long as you’re up get me a Grant’s” — plus two wonderfully intricate cartoon take-offs on the slogan: a George Price New Yorker cartoon with the tag line “As long as you’re [Ulysses S.] Grant, get me a 7-Up”; and an Alberto Vargas Playboy cartoon with a naked woman saying “As long as you’re up, darling, get me my pants”. (And with two other BACKGROUND CONDITION + REQUEST cartoons, from New Yorker cartoons, by Charles Saxon (“While you’re up, Miss Rayburn, fetch me a vice-president”) and Karen Sneider (“As long as you’re up, can you get me fifty gallons of water?”)).

    Then, in my 9/3/14 posting “Jonathan Black” —
    — a section on veteran gay pornstar Max Grand (over a hundred films to his credit), sexually versatile and wonderful at steamy photos (like one by male photographer Jonathan Black)

    And in my 6/8/15 posting “Guys in heat” —
    — a section on Max Grand (in the gay porn film Guys In Heat)

  2. Bill Stewart Says:

    I have a VHS tape, “The Fluffer”, starring Zak Spears, so the title is popular, apparently. BTW, Is there any way to get used gay porn VHS tapes into hands that might appreciate them?

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      I’d expect that there are a fair number of Fluffer porn flicks, but of course the The Fluffer I wrote about is a dramatic film, not intended as a masturbation aid (excellent though jack-off flicks are, and I treasure mine).

      As for VHS tapes, I have no idea, but maybe a reader will have a clue. (I assume you want to unload your stock rather than moving it with you.) I could ask on Facebook for you.

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