Items of gay decor

(References to penises but no depictions of them , even (alas) on plastic action figures. On the other hand, there’s a neon pink dildo, so readers might want to exercise their judgment.)

My neon pink DJX Trough jockstrap (in size L) has arrived from the antipodes (the company is in Australia, but the jock was shipped from New Zealand) and been installed in its place as an item of decor in my living room. Meanwhile, my new Lollicock neon pink dildo has come to rest on the desk in my bedroom; it has become a Desk Dildo. And I am finally releasing a portrait of three gay action figures and their three companion mammoths, engaged in a ritual celebration under the blazing bedroom sun (on what I still think of as Jacques’s dresser, even though it’s the one I use in daily life — the dresser on which J once erected a small shrine to Mark Wahlberg in his (Marky Mark’s, not J’s) Calvins).

Anyway, it’s all dick-heavy (on the scene and even in reminiscence), though there are no discernible actual dicks.

The Bookcase Jockstrap. Viewed here in situ:

(#1) Out on the prowl, here hanging out with other objects of decor, books on the analysis of comics, collections of gay comics, collections of cartoons, and some graphic novels — a companionable neighborhood

On the jock, see my 8/26/21 posting “Pretty in neon pink”, where it can be viewed on a living male body:

(#2) The neon pink DJX Trough jockstrap, modeled

The Desk Dildo. Seen in the relative gloom of my bedroom, but in the piercingly bright light of the desk lamp:

(#3) Flanked by its watchbirds, the Lollicock; then Arnold and Jacques as a loving couple; and a framed AMZ collage in which no dicks are visible, though practically everything else is, but in miniature

Details in my 9/8/21 posting “My Lollicock has come home!”

The ritual of the action figures. The Action Three in the company of their mammoths, under the blazing bedroom sun:

(#4) It’s a fine line, but my understanding is that #3 can appear on WordPress because it’s a (realistically phalliform) dildo, not a human penis or a model of one; but the action figures cannot, because they’re models of human beings, with (extraordinarily) visible naughty bits; so I’ve fuzzed out Rebel’s and Carlos’s dicks (which must be humiliating for them, since their outsized cocks are the glory of their being)

On the ritual, see my XBlog posting of 8/9/16 “The Action 3 at worship”, where I wrote:

A display at the Ramona Schwanzhaus, depicting the Action 3 — Leather Carlos, Tom of Finland’s Rebel, and Army Tyson — engaging in a ritual revering their Sex Stones (in the t-room there, using the Chinese ceremonial bowl). Each displays his (proportionally) elephantine dick while communing with his personal Sex Stone, which confers potency, endurance, and allure (white for Rebel, different patterns of brown for Carlos and Tyson). On this occasion, Carlos has been blessed with the gifts of power and dominance, Rebel the gifts of erectile enthusiasm, Tyson the gift of happy submission.

In #4, they are joined by their companion animals, their adorable and cuddly woolly mammoths. Not only are the mammoths excellent friends, they are also, should it come to that, meat.


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