Two holidays in one

Falling together this year on 5/7: No Pants Day (the first Friday in May); and, now that you have your pants off, the way is smoothed for you to celebrate a May 7th event, Masturbation Day, if you have a mind to.

(#1) An appeal from Comics Kingdom (an on-line platform for King Features Syndicate), with Dennis the Menace as their spokescharacter for the occasion; note the usage in the name of the day — AmE pants, referring to outerwear, vs. BrE pants ‘underpants’

No Pants Day. According to Wikipedia, it’s

an annual event in various countries. It is held on the first Friday in May. It requires publicly wearing just undergarments on the lower part of the body.

Two examples from the comics, both with the underwear in unexpected places:

(#2) From Rhymes With Orange, by Rina Piccolo and Hilary Price: a knight in armor, but only from the waist up

(#3) From Brewster Rockit, by Tim Rickard: the captain on a space ship

Three observations about NPD in the comics.

— Observation one: to judge from the Comics Kingdom samples for NPD, cartoon men all wear boxers rather than briefs, probably to make it clear what they’re wearing: cartoon guys’ underwear seems never to have visible flies, so briefs will look like a swimming suit (and swimming suits often come in bright and complex patterns); but boxers can be distinguished from gym shorts so long as they sport one of those patterns, as they very often do — here’s a whole officeful of them:

(#4) From Blondie, by Dean Young and John Marshall: five boldly patterned boxers

(I’m a briefs guy myself, and have been since childhood, though my kid briefs were plain white. My father was a boxers guy; my mother was inclined to afflict him with eye-catching thematic patterned boxers as gifts, but on his own he went for neutral-color solids or simple patterns, but not white. As far as I can recall, there was no father-son issue about underwear styles; each of us just went his own way.)

— Observation two: some of the NPD comics take No Pants all the way to naked from the waist down — no outerwear pants, no underpants either, as here:

(#5) From Loose Parts by Dave Blazek

— Observation three: several of the NPD comics make something of the fact that cartoon animals virtually never have pants (of either sort), as here:

(#6) From Shoe, by Gary Brookins, Susie MacNelly, and Ben Lansing

The Comics Kingdom NPD site provides a list of organizations to donate to, some suggested by particular cartoonists.

Masturbation Day. See my 5/1/17 posting “Months and days”, especially on May 7 — among a number of proposals — as my choice for the date (blame Good Vibrations in San Francisco). Here’s the graphic for Masturbation Month:


There’s a Page on this blog with annotated links to my postings about masturbation. It’s a recurrent topic, since I’m something of a masturbation enthusiast, a guy with a jack-off jones.


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