The lexicon of masturbation

(A spin-off from today’s posting “Manual labor”. Obviously inappropriate for kids and the sexually modest: it’s all about sex, and a lot of it is raunchy.)

This is a compact summary of usages, confined here to male masturbation (all participants are men), in particular such acts involving men who have sex with other men.

— the main relevant verbs: masturbate, with primary vulgar slang synonyms BrE. wank, AmE. jerk off, jack off (the latter is my preferred street slang)

— a basic semantic distinction:

intransitive masturbate, referring to self-masturbation (Joe {masturbates / jacks off} at least three times every day)

transitive masturbate, referring to other-masturbation (Joe {masturbated / jacked off} three men in the park)

— the corresponding vulgar slang nominals:

for self-masturbation, there’s no AmE. nominal; BrE. has a wank (I had a satisfying wank this morning)

for other-masturbation: hand job (I gave him a satisfying hand job)

— The Vendlerian lexical aspect of the primary verbs: we have both

activity masturbate / jack off: Joe {masturbated Tom / jacked Tom off} doggedly for 15 minutes, but Tom never came. When I found them, Joe was doggedy {masturbating Tom / jacking Tom off}.

and accomplishment masturbate / jack off: It took Joe only a few minutes to {masturbate Tom / jack Tom off} and Tom moaned ecstatically when he came. Joe {masturbated Tom / jacked Tom off} in only a few minutes.




2 Responses to “The lexicon of masturbation”

  1. Jan Bobrowicz Says:

    How does AmE manage without *a wank*? Having a noun for an act of wanking lets you count and/or rate them. (Joe worked from home today, that is to say he had 6 wanks)

    For other-masturbation, BrE also has *wank off*, and the less-enthusiastic *toss off*, which can also be reflexive (Rob sat idly tossing himself off).

    *wanker* and *tosser* both derive from onanism, but are rarely used to connote the act itself, and come with (haha) a handy (hahaha) gesture:

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      AmE manages without “a wank” — the locution “a jack-off” being inexplicaby unvailable — by using the the somewhat clunkier verb construction instead (Joe worked from home today, that is to say he jacked off six times). Of course, just because some locution is currently unavilable doesn’t mean you can’t innovate it. Maybe I should start a campaign to talk about my daily jack-offs…

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