From Ryan Tamares, a gay Xmas and pandemic-chasing card “Adam Likes Santa: Red Santa”, featuring cartoonist Bobo Nisi’s gay bear character Bobo-Bear (sometimes Bobobear or Bobo Bear):


(#1) The card

(Also demonstrating some newly recovered abilities of mine at formatting my blog postings.)

On the Bobo-Bear Facebook page:

A supermarket worker who dreamed to draw, bought some pencils, moved to London and now shares his art on t-shirts. Follow if you like bears [of the gay male variety]. Grrr!

Drawn by Bobo Nisi, a supermarket worker who dreamed to draw, said goodbye to the aisles, bought some pencils and imagined these gay sexy bears.

An overview of some Bobo-Bear characters:

(#2) Six characters

The Bobo-Bear site also sells merchandise (of course):

(#3) Shirtless Bobo-Bear modeling a mask

(#4) Bobo-Bear swimwear, with a butt bear

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  1. Juan Says:

    I am so happy you are back at blogging.

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