New Frontiers in Reverse Flying Cowboy

(Yes, about raw man-on-man sex, from gay porn, with photos of nekkid guys doing the deed, and with descriptions of it all in street language, so totally not for kids or the sexually modest)

The emotional attraction of the flying cowboy positions, plain and reverse, is the floating mid-air fuck itself — whee! — and the intimacy and trust that are needed if the participants are going to pull it off at all. And the couplings are, admittedly, a delight to watch. But they’re physically challenging, probably better left to the professionals, porn actors who train for this and have people to help with things.

In plain flying cowboy, the two men face each other, so facework and kissing can easily accompany the fucking, and the hole can wrap his arms and legs around his fucker, getting both support and intimacy.

Reverse flying cowboy, on the other hand, with the hole facing away from his fucker, is all about the asswork — no doubt deeply satisfying to both men, but it obliges the fucker to do a kind of balancing act with the guy suspended on his dick.

The result tends to merit judgments about how ingenious the actors’ performances are, about how clever they are in managing to make the fuck look like something a viewer could fantasize about. Because these fantasies are what the performances are for, what fags like me are paying for; the whole point is to get us fully immersed in the fantasy of taking it up the ass in mid-air and so to appreciatively shoot our loads. But for this, second-order aesthetic reflections on the marvels of the actors’ abilities are just a drag on our imaginative road to coming.

Worse, their efforts often come off as ridiculous; few things kill a hard-on faster than amazed laughter. Reverse cowboy is pretty easy to make convincingly hot. Flying cowboy has the facework going for it, and getting kissed by a fantasy guy during a mid-air fuck totally works for me. But reverse flying cowboy is a challenge; it so easily tips into absurdity. (There will be illustrations.)

A gay porn offer from 8/26, however, uses a shot that manages to communicate the intensity of reverse flying cowboy on both sides — with an orgasmic facial expression on the part of the fucker, and the body of the hole folded up so that the fucker can hold it in his arms, providing both support and intimacy, as well as that deeply desired big hard cock filling the hole’s ass. Amazingly hot (for the intended audience), so long as you’re not diverted by aesthetic analysis of the sort I just gave you.

The HUNT offer. The 8/26 e-mail ad for the HUNT gay porn subscription site, with the header “Try HUNTFORMEN for Less than 5 Bucks”:

(#1) Andre Donovan as fucker, Dean Young as hole (dicks fuzzed out for WordPress modesty, and to focus your attention on the two men’s bodies in relationship to one another)

Flying cowboy and reverse flying cowboy. From my 8/7 posting “A cute and curly twink”, one shot of each, featuring Sam Ledger (the cute and curly twink of my title) as the hole.

Flying cowboy with a kiss (a successful performance):

(#2) Derek Shaw (fucker) and Sam Ledger (hole) in a scene for Helix Studios

Reverse flying cowboy (a ridiculous performance):

(#3) Dom King as fucker, Sam Ledger as hole, in’s Good Rubber, Part 1: Ledger gets fucked all over a car lot by Dom King’s car-dealer character, including in the reverse flying cowboy position, suspended in sexual heat on King’s dick in mid-air, between two cars

This is goofy in a whole lot of ways, and not even Ledger’s astonished “Fuuuk, I’ve got this huge cock up my ass” facial expression can keep us from dwelling on the goofiness.

Dean Young as fuckhole. You don’t get to appreciate the guy folded up for fucking in #1, beyond understanding that he has to be small-bodied (in comparison with his fucker) and agile, but (as with Sam Ledger) enthusiastically getting fucked is pretty much his thing. We’ve seen him before on this blog, with his cute impertinent face visible (as it, necessarily, is not in #1).

From my 5/29/24 posting “Hordes of Norsemen insert themselves into a national holiday”, about the 2023 video Norse Fuckers:

… showing a servant boy, the aggressively receptive (blonder, younger) Dean Young, taking it up the ass from the King of the Norsemen, the aggressively insertive (dark-haired, older) Papi Kocic, in the Asian cowboy position (squatting, rather than sitting, on Kocic’s dick), on a Norse banquet table littered with feastings of manly meats, sweets, and fruits.

Young and Kocic:

(#4) [caption:] A Norse boy and his fucker, posing for the camera in the midst of missionary sex; Kocic fucks Young in (at least) six positions in this encounter — missionary, doggy, cowboy, reverse cowboy, Asian cowboy, and flying cowboy — and they go at one another like crazed minks in all of them


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