The grand jury’s cough drop

The political / medicinal pun RICO Law / Ricola: on Facebook on 8/15, Kyle Wohlmut passed along  — “meanwhile in Switzerland” — the 8/14 Mike Scollins titling RICO LAW of an image from the classic Ricola (Swiss cough drop) commercial:

Posted within minutes of the Georgia RICO indictments (see below)

Now to the commercially medicinal and the political-conspiratorial.

The commercially medicinal. Here I turn to my 11/20/18 posting “Wisc Swiss music”, with Joe Salmon’s images of alphorns / alpenhorns being played in Madison WI, including the information that

The alphorn is prominently featured in television advertisements for Ricola cough drops, which are manufactured in Switzerland.

and clips of a 1992 Ricola commercial and a 1997 one; the ads incorporate a voice singing the product name.

The political-conspiratorial. RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is a federal law passed by the US Congress in 1970 to combat organized crime; the Georgia state RICO statute was used (on 8/14) by Fulton County (GA) District Attorney Fani Willis to charge Helmet Grabpussy and 18 others with being part of a conspiracy to attempt to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results in Georgia.

The pun is (phonologically) imperfect, but just barely, RICO Law differs from Ricola /ríkolà/ only in having (in my variety of English) /ɔ/ (rounded, as in caught) instead of /a/ (without lip-rounding, as in cot) — a distinction that is neutralized (in favor of /a/) for many American speakers.

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