Collectible porcupine boot scraper

Today’s Zippy strip has Griffy carried to ecstatic chanting of  a line of dactylic trimeter in celebration of a quirky gift from Zippy:

This is a return to a Zippy theme, but also my cautious return to posting on this blog, after some days in hell that I’ve been describing on my Facebook page; my last posting here was “Iddle-Do and Not Zarella”, back on 5/5/23, five days ago. Aside from some calamitous physical symptoms, I suddenly developed a very specific cognitive deficit: though still able to read and send e-mail, I lost all knowledge of how to post to WordPress.

With the help of friends, these abilities have been coming back in bits and pieces over the last two days. But I’m now able to edit text, insert images and add clickable links (see above). Not trying anything very ambitious, just getting my feet back in the water.

I’ll recap some of what I posted on Facebook (which triggered a tsunami of sympathy and support, from over a hundred friends) in another posting, here just bringing you Griffy’s collectible porcupine boot scraper — I actually have its little hedgehog counterpart by my back door — as a kind of flag-waving for my return.

Plus a reminder that this blog has a Page about my postings on chants, cheers, mantras, and onomatomania — on the pleasures of repetition and rhythmic organization. Especially in the practices of Zippy and his acquaintances, who are given to picking up and chanting “found mantras”, expressions that they find satisfying to repeat, like remote control bathtub jet ski, Hydro-quench body glow, exploding magic bingo ball, and turtle-headed sea snakes.


4 Responses to “Collectible porcupine boot scraper”

  1. Robert Southwick Richmond Says:

    I have a friend on Facebook who collects porcupines, a biologist who’s written at least one book about them.

    I didn’t know porcupines wore boots. I’d think they’d find it rather challenging to get them on and off.

    I don’t even want to think about what they scrape their boots on.

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    Good to see you posting here again.

    Our large household includes two hedgehogs and a (very small) porcupine. None of them has ever shown any interest in, for need for, a boot-scraoer.

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