Gingerbread man seeks fortune cookie’s wisdom

From the world of anthropomorphic (AmE) cookies, a Seeker and the Seer memic cartoon, in the Rhymes With Orange strip for 1/11:

In the cartoon meme of the Seeker and the Seer, the seeker scales a mountainside to seek enlightenment (and perfection) from the master

In the Piccolo / Price strip, you have to recognize the meme, see that the characters are anthropomorphic cookies, and identify the seer as a “Chinese fortune cookie” (with its fortune sticking out). That’s a lot of work in cartoon understanding.

I got all that, and so admired the assembly of these disparate elements in a single, wordless image. Just lovely.

But no further analysis here, or reference to related materials. Just to get the posting out for today.

A terrible night in which I slept 14 hours, with brief breaks, including a quick breakfast, until I came to consciousness at 10:30. Had a lovely light lunch (soup made yesterday, mandarin oranges), then another narcoleptic episode, for two hours. My poor hands are clawed up in pain, and the low air pressure has put my bunions and fallen arches into spasms, so that I can barely walk. So I feel under the gun to get out what I can, right now, just to show that I’m still alive. This is it.



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