The Black Friday Banana

(Just a bit about the ceremony of the BFB, which is of course date-specific. But only a hint; my day has been a complete shambles, prominently featuring long intervals of narcoleptic sleep. But a small bowl of pesto posole for lunch; its name alone rolls off the tongue.)

(Warning: two hunky men in nothing but jock straps, bonding over a banana, so not to everyone’s taste.)

This is today’s Daily Jocks sale ad (I have brightened and sharpened the image somewhat):

The ceremony of the Black Friday Banana, in which a young man completes his long journey of desire, to be initiated into the M4M world by taking the BFB — the fruit of the fragrant masc-organ tree — into his body.  Notice the intensity of the initiate’s gaze on the BFB, and his guide’s expression of brotherly encouragement.

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