News for really clean penises

(No actual penises are depicted, but there’s plenty of penis-talk, so this posting will not be to everyone’s taste)

Offered on Etsy, from LoveLeeSoaps, this hot dog soap set ($12):

(#1) A (phallic) simulacrum of a phallic symbol (starting with the hot dog as symbolic penis) — but intended not for ordinary cleansing purposes (though entirely usable this way), but as a practical joke, a prank, turning on the meticulous realistic detail in the simulacrum

The ad copy:

This soap is made with moisturizing ingredients and looks just like the real thing. They would make the perfect gift for any prankster or even something special for yourself. Place it in a guest bathroom and watch your guests faces when they realize its all soap! This set is large and it even comes packaged inside a retro hot dog bag.

Of course the set is large; this is America, and size matters here.

Previously on this blog, in my 9/11/22 posting “Plush life”, where I distinguish phallic symbols, phallic representations, phallic designs, and phallic simulacra:

(#2) Second-order simulacra: soap designed to look like dildos designed to look like penises

The two crucial notions here, from “Plush life”:

phallic symbol: an object, whether natural or artifactual … that resembles a penis; a phallic symbol exists as a material object independent of the associations people make from it to a penis.

phallic simulacrum: a designed object serving some independent function — as a dildo, as a pillow, as a figure in imaginative play, as food, as soap — but in the form of, or incorporating the form of, a penis.

LoveLeeSoaps. Leanna O’Cain’s LoveLeeSoaps makes soap in the shape of practically anything: chicken wings, candy corn, doughnuts, little gray elephants, roses, feet, buttons, crystals, guns, hand grenades, lightbulbs, pine cones, yarn balls, fingers, mushrooms, bacon and eggs, cheese and crackers, brownies, …

The company is clearly American, but I haven’t been able to find out anything about its physical location.

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  1. Stewart Kramer Says:

    The twitter profile for LoveLeeSoaps has Florida as the location, and then a Google search for “LoveLeeSoaps Florida” showed the Etsy listing in Daytona Beach, and the Dun & Bradstreet corporate listing with an address in South Daytona.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    Ah, once again I bow to your superior search-fu. In this case, manifested as great persistence in tracking down one possible source after another (I stopped after Facebook). Thank you.

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