Eat Your Woolly Mammoths!

I was in the middle of singing along (at home, by Zoom) to the Palo Alto All-Day Sacred Harp Singing (10-4 today), when the following appeared on my screen, representing a fellow electronic participant:

(#1) Image identified as belonging to James Solheim, who I happened to know was actually singing along from Omaha NE, using technology much cooler than Zoom

But whoa! Is this a slogan? Is it a thing? I appreciated that it was surely intended as an exhortation to ingestion, not fellation. But still… The woolly mammoth is my chief totem animal, and Woo(l)ly Mammoth is one of my pseudonyms; I am W M, I am. And I take these things personally.

As it happens, I’ve met Solheim, who sang with the local Harpers a while back, when he was visiting his daughter Jenny, who’s a recent addition to the set of local singers (more on her below). But I had no idea what he did for a living. Turns out he’s an artist and an author, specializing in books for kids. Of which Eat Your Woolly Mammoths! is one.

The cover of the book — a picture book, aimed at reading age 4-8 yrs., and just out; it was released on 5/3/22:

(#2) Yes, it’s about food, especially icky food

The author’s / artist’s bio, from the book:


And then Jennifer Solheim: she’s an  acoustical consultant at Papadimos Group (“acoustics and vibration consulting”; website here) in San Rafael CA. Jenny’s a recent graduate of the Master of Architectural Engineering program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and she’s also a violinist. It all fits together.

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  1. zipperbear Says:

    He gives a video talk about the book (including shape note music/rock music, and the process of creating the photo-collage style of artwork). It’s an hour long (if you skip the first 3 minutes of technical difficulties).

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