Today’s rainbow sprinkles cake

‘Cause today is Belgian Pride Parade day in Brussels!

From Johan Rooryck (in Brussels) to Facebook today:

So what do you do when you have misjudged the size of sprinkles containers you ordered online, and have come to own more sprinkles than you can eat in a lifetime? You just make a load of cakes for Belgian Pride Day, is what you do. Andrea did, that is.

The visual evidence:

“The Belgian Pride, more than 25 years by your side!” (website here)

As for sprinkles, see the section on them in my 12/1/14 posting “Rainbow rice”.

(Misjudging the size of containers for food ordered on-line is a theme of my current life. Amazing quantities of carrots, green onions, rice, and much more. One of yesterday’s projects for me was chopping up the latest green onion error to turn some tomato basil pasta sauce into a tomato basil scallion sauce for pasta (with meatballs). Lots of work, but delicious.)


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