The chirosexual moment

(Men’s bodies, masturbation, not suitable for kids (according to the — inexcusably, harmfully puritanical — sexual mores of current American culture) or the sexually modest.)

The image from a 5/6 TitanMen ad for the 2022 Masturbation Month sale of their gay porn:

(#1) A pants-pulled-down cock tease, plus an eyes-narrowed slant-eye cruise face (the expression is hard to pull off: it’s supposed to be invitingly sexy, but to my eye here it verges on silly)

Celebratory days, and the whole merry celebmasturbatory month of May.

From my 5/8/21 posting “Two holidays in one”, about No Pants Day (the first Friday in May) and Masturbation Day (5/7):

Masturbation Day. See my 5/1/17 posting “Months and days”, especially on May 7 — among a number of proposals — as my choice for the date (blame Good Vibrations in San Francisco). Here’s the graphic for Masturbation Month:


There’s a Page on this blog with annotated links to my postings about masturbation. It’s a recurrent topic, since I’m something of a masturbation enthusiast, a guy with a jack-off jones.

Use your hands, use your hands. (All about me, with some carnal detail, maybe not to everyone’s taste. But I’m trying to be completely open, fully engaged, and also analytical.)

This is my month. I have a high sex drive (from puberty on) combined with an entirely solitary sex life (for, oh, 16 years now), which produces a large variety of occasions and scripts for jacking off. Quickie wanks (sort of like coffee breaks or snacks), morning wanks to inaugurate the day, night-time wanks to slide into sleep on (it’s astonishing that the very same act can be energizing on one occasion, deeply relaxing on another), occasional long sessions fueled by porn. Dirty talk turns me on, so I do it for myself, sometimes moaningly, but usually loudly (yes, I’ve checked to make sure the sound doesn’t get outside my walls and ceilings).

Most often I play the receptive partner in various sex acts (my biggest fantasies, starting with sucking cock and getting fucked, and going on from there; a startling variety of things can be eroticized, and in fantasy I’ll explore pretty much anywhere), but I slide unpredictably into insertive roles, either a guy giving it to me or me giving it to another guy; this just happens, and, judging my acts while performing them, I’m often surprised to find myself in a totally fresh and different scene, how did I get here? who am I now?

Now that I’m in a period of temporary remission from most of my chronically painful and physically limiting afflictions, with heightened senses across the board, I occasionally slip into sexual ecstasy, taken startlingly outside myself. No doubt my eyes roll up in my head — but I’m not there to see it happen. I suspect that speech fails me, reducing me to inarticulate moaning — but then, again, I’m not there to hear. Then my body explodes, my arms and legs spasm, while I come back into the real world, reborn, somewhat disoriented, and almost terminally relaxed. Oh, my fucking god.

I have some idea of what these events look like from the outside, from the long-ago time when I had sex with partners, men who got to witness what occasionally happened to me when they fucked me and would tell me about it afterwards. My man Jacques in particular, who never in his life came anywhere close to having such an intense experience himself, but was fascinated rather than alarmed by my moments of sexual possession.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    I somehow failed to notice that TitanMen had labeled this sale as their Mastur-a-thon Weekend event.

  2. Bill Stewart Says:

    A man after my own hard?

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