FREDs and their kin

(References in plain language to men’s bodies viewed as sexual objects, with a photo, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

On Facebook yesterday, information from train-watcher Ned Deily about FREDs. That’s FRED, an acronym for flashing rear-end device — an alternative name for end of train device, no doubt devised to provide a pronounceable acronym (FRED) rather than a mere initialism (like ETD). But then we get then nominal rear end, referring not only generally to the back part of something, but also specifically to a person’s buttocks. Which takes us into racy or frankly raunchy territory.

FRED 1, the flashing rear-end device. In brief, from Wikipedia (a) on the end of train device; and then from the Trains & Locomotives Wiki (b) on “End of Train Device” (edited for readability):

(a) The end of train device (ETD), sometimes referred to as an EOT, flashing rear-end device (FRED) or sense and braking unit (SBU) is an electronic device mounted on the end of freight trains in lieu of a caboose. They are divided into three categories: “dumb” units, which only provide a visible indication of the rear of the train with a flashing red taillight; “average intelligence” units with a brake pipe pressure gauge; and “smart” units, which send back data to the crew in the locomotive via radio-based telemetry.

(b) An end of train device / EOTD, also known as flashing rear end device / FRED or sense and braking unit / S&BU  / SBU, is a wireless transceiver / controller mounted on a train’s rear coupler, replacing the legacy caboose / brakevan and  brakeman.

(#1) A FRED (photo from the Wiki)

The use of EOTDs originated in the US on the Florida East Coast / FEC railway in 1969, which began the transition of North American Class 1 railroads away from the traditional caboose on the end of freight trains. EOTDs have since come to be used worldwide

FRED 2, the flashing rear-end display. Building on a cluster of metonymic understandings involving expressions for buttocks and images of them: as anus / rectum; vulva / vagina (as sexual organs); or anus / rectum as sexual organs. Moving right on to the male body, posed with the buttocks offered for sexual use.

From my 4/7/21 posting “Assuming the position”, with reflections on this remarkable jockstrap ad from Daily Jocks from 3/28/21:

(#2) The model Freddy, tail in the air, offering his ass; stroking his dick, apparently, out of our view; displaying his muscular shoulders and back (his traps and lats); fixing us with a knowing cruise face; and playing with his gorgeous springy hair

[some text there:] Freddy is humped up, with his tail in the air, displaying his buttocks as sexual objects (and incidentally displaying the declivity of his lower back as sexual as well; see my 3/30/21 posting “Tramp stamps”, with its section on the erotic potential of the lower back).

Then from my 10/25/16 posting “tail in the air”, on the Fuck Me Please (FMP) interpretation of tail in the air [making the connection to lordosis in some animals]

The posting goes on to make a connection to a standard tail-in-the-air pose in (female) pinups. Meanwhile, male tail-in-the-air displays — flashing rear-end displays — appear regularly on this blog.



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