Annals of holiday commerce

Brief bulletin from the Native deodorant people (super-earnest, offering coconut oil-based deodorant sticks, no aluminum or parabens, etc., usable on private parts):

Treat your armpits to holiday cheer with specially crafted scents for the season.

For holiday-cheerful armpits. Sugar cookie. Candy cane.

Do I want my armpits to smell like sugar cookies? Or my crotch to smell like candy … oh, hmmm …

If these won’t do, then men can get the regular bergamot + pine scent, all woodsy and manly.

On parabens — I know you wanted to ask — from the relevant CDC bulletin:

Parabens are man-made chemicals often used in small amounts as preservatives in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages. Common parabens are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. Often more than one paraben is used in a single product.

It appears that they aren’t currently regulated.

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  1. Danny Boy - London Derriere Says:

    I’ve used their “Coconut & Vanilla” also their “Cucumber & Mint” .

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