Squirrel verse #1

The first in what I hope will be an occasional feature, brief AMZ verse about squirrels. This installment has two contrasting little poems: a four-line note about squirrel sex in free verse; and a travesty poem you could sing, if you wanted to.

There are no pictures, but you could, I suppose, for the first, call up a climactic moment for Georgina Spelvin and Harry Reems in The Devil in Miss Jones; and for the second, a photo of Rex Harrison speak-singing.


the climactic moment

urgent, brief, and
squirrels are fucking
on my fence top


Just a guy with a garden

I’m an ordinary man
Who desires nothing more than just an ordinary chance
To live exactly as he likes and do precisely what he wants

But, let the squirrels in your life
And your serenity is through
They’ll ravage through your garden without asking for your pardon
And then go on to empty the bird feeders right in front of you

(apologies to everyone associated with the movie of My Fair Lady)

3 Responses to “Squirrel verse #1”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On Facebook, Mike Pope was inspired to limericize:

    A squirrel tail is long and it’s bushy
    And the rodent is greedy and pushy
    But all is forgot
    When a squirrel is besot
    On the back fence while looking for tushie

    (Factual note: my squirrel-tryst fence is, from one point of view, neither back nor front, but side, and on the north rather than south; but if you insist on thinking of those two short fences as back and front, then it’s the front, near my front door, with an entrance gate in it (the opposing fence is by my southern neighbor’s front door and has no gate in it) I know, I know, you never actually claimed that the fence in your limerick was *my* fence; it could be a purely fictive fence).

  2. Mike Pope (@mikepope) Says:

    It was a prosodical fence; I needed the syllable

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Ah, the tyranny of the poetic form; I understand entirely.

      And congratulations on using the alternative account address. You will see that this comment of yours posted just fine. (Other readers: using his usual mail account, Mike had been unable to post comments on this blog; not his fault, but the workings of the Akismet spam filter.)

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