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E-mail yesterday (4/13) to the Linguistic Society of America’s COZIL (the Committee on LGBTQ+ [Z] Issues in Linguistics) mailing list from Archie Crowley:

June and Pride Month are just around the corner, and COZIL is excited to curate our Pride Month blog post series on the LSA website! If you haven’t checked out the COZIL Blog and any of our Pride month posts from last year, check it out here!

(#1) Queer logo from Boon Yong, “Queer Linguistics and Queer Theory”, a posting on the Open Source Studio (at NTU Singapore) site on 4/3/18

We are excited to create more queer linguistics content for this Pride Month [June], and we are looking for people who would like to contribute to the blog. Blog post submissions are due May 1st and will be scheduled to post throughout June. Anyone who is an LSA member is eligible to submit, and we would love a wide range of perspectives!

Queer linguistics is one of the things I do, of course (this is a blog “mostly about language”, but it’s also a lot about gender and sexuality, so there’s quite a lot of gay stuff in there, and the two topics frequently come together: queer linguistics!). And I churn out blog postings on a daily basis — so there’s not much point in my submitting a blog posting to COZIL for Pride Month; I have a place for it, right now, here (with an audience of readers of my blog, my followers on Twitter, and my followers on Facebook). So though I write things that, I think, would be entirely appropriate for the COZIL project — like yesterday’s posting “gay therapy”, about the expression gay therapy — they go immediately onto this blog. Meanwhile, there are other people doing queer linguistics who don’t already have blogs of their own, so the COZIL project would be an excellent outlet for their work.

Queer linguistics resources. Within the LSA, there’s COZIL. Then there’s OUTiL, originally my creation, more social, and not institutionally connected. From my 10/23/19 posting “OUTiL: a historic note”:

(#2) The OUTiL t-shirt logo (designed by Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky)

founded in the summer of 1991 at an LSA Linguistics Institute as a social group “open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, dyke, queer, homosexual, trans, etc. linguists and their friends”; continued through a mailing list; later reconstituted as a Facebook closed group; now largely superseded by the Queer Linguist(ic)s Network, a Facebook group created in 2016.

I have tried several times to find someone willing to take over managing the group, maybe infuse some new energy into it. I’m an old man, fortuitously still alive, focused now on just a few things, and there’s been almost no traffic. So it seems to me that the current members — a very interesting group of people — should switch their membership to the more sprightly Queer Linguist(ic)s Network, and I should close the OUTiL group down. Now to post to OUTiL..

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