Hot Jock Crop Top

A lightning posting of today’s Daily Jocks ad, for the sake of the half-rhyming title (conveying ‘a crop top for a hot jock’), plus of course the hot hunk displaying his body seductively:


At [Daily Jocks] we are always on the lookout for what’s trending for men in all things underwear, activewear and fetishwear, like crop tops.
Wait! Are crop tops for men making a comeback? They never went away, shop our range of crop tops from Varsity …

The model’s ensemble. Sideline Tee from Varsity.  Ron Thong in black from Rufskin.

The tee is a crop top: a cropped t-shirt, exposing the male midriff, typically worn in certain sports contexts. From my 8/2/18 posting “Male crop tops!”, about those midriffs:

Some of them are are … the smooth bellies of sweet boys, beautiful young Apollo figures in a display of vulnerability

… But some are the furry abs of hunky men, powerful Dionysius figures in a display of muscularity …, or in the Hot Jock variant, all hard abs and athleticism

Meanwhile, the Sideline Tee shouts: JOCK ‘athlete’.

The half-rhyme. Its parts: Crop Top, the name of the type of garment.  Jock, referring to an athlete. And then Hot, because this guy undeniably is (and he knows it; he’s displaying his body crudely).

That gives four monosyllables, all with the same vowel (the phonetics of the vowel depending on your dialect), with the consonant offsets:

/ … t … k … p … p /

thus running through all three voiceless stops of English (which are in fact acoustically quite similar). Poetically very satisfying.

The display of the masculine body. To start with, his muscular abs and thighs. Then the cock tease with his thong. Finally, rough and dirty masculinity displayed in his very scruffy face. As the title says: hot. Totally unsubtle, but hot.

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