Gauld on adaptations for the screen

A vein of cartoonist Tom Gauld’s work that I’d been unaware of, but then #3 below turned up on Facebook today: cartoons on adaptations of books for the screen (movies or tv). In chronological order below.

Goosing up the movie version. From Gauld’s You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack  (2013), seconding Virginia Woolf’s admonition about the evils of cinematic adaptations of literature:


Some other possibilities: amnesia subplot; wise-cracking best friend; Middle Eastern or Chinese assassin; car chases.

David Hasselhoff doesn’t make it better. (Note spelling.) From the Guardian on 3/3/16 in the section with Gauld’s cultural cartoons: “After John le Carré talked about his book The Night Manager being adapted for TV, Tom shows books have feelings too”:


Overlooking some defects. Or not. From the Guardian on 11/21/16 in the section with Gauld’s cultural cartoons: “After Zadie Smith’s 300-page novel NW [2012] was made into a film by the BBC, Tom Gauld thinks up a hypothetical conversation between an author and a producer”:


More of Gauld as a sharp-eyed cultural critic.

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