Sweet and fuzzy 3

I continue to find Nice Guy photos of me projecting a sweet and fuzzy persona; apparently, lots of people I know find this presentation of self attractive (and have done so for at least 20 years). They have a point.

Here’s the latest, me at the Ramona St. condo:

(#1) Photographer not known; and date not known, but it was before the diningroom table (in the top center) became my work table and the desk (on the right) became a storage surface

This image of me is very much like #1 from my 1/5/21 posting “More sweet and fuzzy” (from 2001), but with a head tilt. Both differ from the image in my 1/3/21 posting “Sweet and fuzzy, from 2006” (the first in the series).

Many people find my sweet and fuzzy face quite attractive, especially when combined with a big crinkly-eyed smile, and I see their point. This is, after all, the face of a really nice guy, highly empathetic, amiable and trustworthy. Not a tough guy, not conventionally handsome (though my facial hair has been concealing my “weak chin” since 1969, and a lot of people just take my Alpine nose to be a Jewish nose, which is ok with me), but a guy projecting — pretty accurately, I think — interest in you, helpfulness, and good humor.

Back when I could walk like a normal person on city streets, strangers who caught my eye sometimes said hello and smiled at me. And felt free to ask for directions or other help. That pleased me a lot.

(I don’t look like someone who could repair heavy machinery or pitch a mean baseball or crush the opposition in a bar brawl, and that too is basically on the mark.)


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