More sweet and fuzzy

Another Nice Guy photo of me from Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky’s stash:

(#1) The origin of this photo is currently unknown — but note that it was taken in a public place — an eating place? — with other people visible in the background

This for comparison to this 1/3 sweet and fuzzy photo from 2006:


Notes on the photos:

— #2 has me looking down, with a half-smile on my face; while #1 has me looking into the camera, with a full smile on my face

— #2 has me wearing glasses with smaller, oval lenses; while #1 has me in glasses with much larger lenses, making my face look bigger

— my hair style and facial hair style seem very similar in the two photos; in both these regards, I’ve pretty much stuck to the same thing throughout  many years

— both photos show me with salt-and-pepper chest hair, though this is much harder to see in #2 (I mention this because I’ve had some gay men tell me they think this feature is adorable, and others tell me they think it’s hot — me, I just think that that’s the way I am, though I’m happy to accept compliments, especially if they come with sexual overtones)

Anyone who thinks they might recognize the occasion for #1 — time, place, event, whatever — is invited to let me hear what they know (in a comment on this posting or in e-mail to (Warning: don’t send me anything via FB Messenger; if you do, I will never see it.)

[Addendum 1/7/21: From Ned Deily on 1/6:

The Nice Guy photo you ask about was taken by me on [7/28/01, almost 20 years ago] at the Stanford Shopping Center during the Palo Alto [soc.motss] “mini-con” that weekend. There were a number of other motssers sitting around the table there: I see the Burlingham sisters [Ann Burlingham, Kathryn Burlingham], the Aberjanks [or Aberlaks: Sim Aberson and Mike Jankulak], EDZ, Lars [Ingebrigtsen], Michael Palmer, Lisa Cohen. More showed up at your place the next day (Sunday). Here’s another photo of you taken a few minutes earlier:


Note: soc.motss (earlier, net.motss) was a Usenet discussion group founded by Steve Dyer in 1983 for lgbtq people and their friends: members of the same sex. (It has since moved to life as a group on Facebook.) Since 1987, there have been annual face-to-face gatherings — motss.cons — and often ad-hoc gatherings (mini-cons) like the one in Palo Alto in 2001.]

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