Sweet and fuzzy 4

My favorite in this series so far, because it presents me as not only sweet and fuzzy but also as contemplative (if you know me, you know that I am not only a very playful nice guy, but I am also deeply serious about what I see as my work and almost relentlessly analytic, about pretty much everything):

(#1) Once again, I  have no idea about when this photo was taken or by whom; the shirt, with its horizontal stripes of charcoal and purple, turns out to have some history, however

I love my shirt. By great good fortune, just as I came across this photo in a stash of them collected by Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, Jeff Shaumeyer resurrected two sweet and fuzzy photos of me in his own files, and they have me in this very shirt. One of them (with colors shifted oddly; #1 has the correct colors):

(#2) (AZ: I lack the software to clean the photos up, in particular by removing the bright points of reflected light; my apologies)

These are very firmly dated. E-mail from Jeff:

These were the two photos that your “sweet and fuzzy” posting reminded me I had scanned earlier last year. They were taken in October 1993 at my house in College Park, MD, when you were in Washington DC for the March on Washington with a number of other motsseurs. [or motssers — that is, regulars on the Usenet newsgroup soc.motss, for lgbtq people and their friends]

So, the shirt goes back more than 25 years.

Compare to #1. This photo, taken, I believe, by EDZ, which has a similar finger gesture, but caught in a brief moment of unconsciousness:

(#3) Note my wedding-equivalent ring

The attractions of this face. A summary, from my 1/7/21 posting “Sweet and fuzzy 3”:

Many people find my sweet and fuzzy face quite attractive, especially when combined with a big crinkly-eyed smile, and I see their point. This is, after all, the face of a really nice guy, highly empathetic, amiable and trustworthy. Not a tough guy, not conventionally handsome (though my facial hair has been concealing my “weak chin” since 1969, and a lot of people just take my Alpine nose to be a Jewish nose, which is ok with me), but a guy projecting — pretty accurately, I think — interest in you, helpfulness, and good humor.


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