G.I. Joe goes ‘mo

(The subject will lead to plain-language discussions of mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

From the Huffington Post on the 14th, gay news from the superhero world: “‘G.I. Joe’ Just Got A Homoerotic Makeover: Is it hot in here — or is it just all of these flexing furry muscles?” by Noah Michelson”


(Hat tip to Daniel MacKay.)

G.I. Joe is about to go full-on homo(erotic) ― or at least one of the covers of an upcoming issue of the beloved comic book is.

The franchise, which has been offering fans stories about the “real American hero” and his comrades and enemies for over 50 years, recently asked acclaimed artist Ed Luce to design a variant cover for writer Aubrey Sitterson’s “G.I. Joe” #7.

The resulting art, due in stores on July 5, features The Dreadnoks, a biker gang that regularly appears in the comic book, covered in muscles and body hair, and engaged in some sensual bad-boy wrestling.

On G.I. Joe, from Wikipedia:

G.I. Joe is a line of action figures produced and owned by the toy company Hasbro. The initial product offering represented four of the branches of the U.S. armed forces with the Action Soldier (U.S. Army), Action Sailor (U.S. Navy), Action Pilot (Air Force), Action Marine (Marine Corps) and later on, the Action Nurse. The name derived from the usage of “G.I. Joe” for the generic U.S. soldier, itself derived from the more general term “G.I.”. The development of G.I. Joe led to the coining of the term “action figure”. G.I. Joe’s appeal to children has made it an American icon among toys.

And led to films, comics, tv shows, and video games. From the comic series in earlier days:


Plus the Dreadnoks in a gang:


Now, from the HuffPo interview with artist Ed Luce:

Was there any hesitation over doing the variant cover in this way?

… I did get a note from the first sketch I did, requesting that a certain character’s posterior be a little less arched, which kind of made me chuckle, because with female comic characters, that’s often been a selling point. They call it “broken back pose,” when you see the woman’s chest and butt at the same time … which is ridiculous and just not physically possible. But that request to tone down the one Dreadnok’s rear was it.

The Dreadnok’s rear. In #1, he’s more or less in prone position, with his buttocks not raised at all. (He could be fucked easily in this position; he’s just not exolicitly offering himself fr fucking.) Apparently, in an earlier version he’d raised his tail, as they say — or offered himself for doggie sex (or, as some people put it, cat sex), with his body arched up like a bitch in heat (or, if you prefer cat-talk, like a queen in heat), that is, exhibiting lordosis behavior, also known as the Fuck Me Please posture (FMP).

Two men in the midst of the act, with the bottom in FMP:


Earlier blog notes on some of these expressions. From this blog on 10/25/16:

[tail in the air] manages to combine the root sense of tail with its metonymic extension to the rump of an animal (including the buttocks of a human being) and the further metonymic extension from ‘rump, buttocks’ to ‘vagina’ (and to suggest a further metaphorical extension, in gay usage, from ‘vagina’ to ‘anus’) — so it hits all the sexualized senses of tail except the metaphorical (shape-based) extension to ‘penis’. The larger point is that FMP connotes receptivity and submission.

The crucial element in FMP is raising the hips, putting the rump up in the air. From Wikipedia:

Lordosis behavior, also known as mammalian lordosis (Greek lordōsis, from lordos “bent backward”) or presenting, is a body posture adopted by some mammals including humans, elephants, rodents, felines and others, usually associated with female receptivity to copulation. The primary characteristics of the behavior are a lowering of the forelimbs but with the rear limbs extended and hips raised, ventral arching of the spine and a raising, or sideward displacement, of the tail.

Or, as in “Sex positions for gay men” (from 2/12/16):

(4) bottom kneeling (a genicular fuck), commonly called doggie/doggy-fucking — or, in crude terms, taking it like a bitch.

(Cats get into the act by virtue of the fact that female cats — known in technical terms as queens — display lordosis when in estrus, or heat, and also “call” or yowl loudly.)

Then on 7/6/15 on AZBlogX, in a discussion of ways in which a bottom can offer himself to his top, by bending over (fr a standing fuck), lying on his side (lateral, for spoon fucking), lying on his belly (prone, for rear entry), lying on his back (supine, ankles up, for missionary), crouching (for doggy/doggie-fucking):

Crouching bitch, happy faggot. The bottom kneels, usually restlng on his forearms (or draped over something) and humping his ass up like a bitch in heat, getting ready for doggy-fucking. [with a photo of a buttboy humped up for love]

I think it would have been even more entertaining for the Dreadnok to have raised his tail for his buddy, but maybe G.I. Joe isn’t quite ready for that.



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