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On Tuesday, Ned Deily and I were investigating the workings of my scanner, after it had behaved  oddly for me on several occasions (garbage on scanning some black-and-white images, very odd colors when scanning some Jane Austen colored cards). The problem was traced back to some scanner settings I hadn’t known were there, so we re-set those and tried scanning one card of each type, using items I’d gotten in the mail (from Chris Ambidge). Herewith the results.

For color scanning, I found yet another Jane Austen quotation, this time from Mansfield Park:


Color fine now. You’d really want to see the context for run mad, with mad ‘crazy’, apparently conveying, roughly, ‘run wild’.

For b&w, an Ikea ad for sheets and pillowcases:


Somewhat sharpened, this scanned just fine. But I was puzzled by the copy: four identifiers, in English, French, and Spanish (this is for North American stores), where I didn’t get the (apparently three) French identifiers.

Duh. This is just the French version split over two lines:

Deux Places / Grand Deux Places

Grand deux places corresponding to English queen-(size) was news to me, but then the terminology of commerce is often a surprise (and in this case, it’s the English and Spanish that stand out for using a special bit of terminology, queen).

Meanwhile Spanish gives us the modifier of adjectives tamaño ‘such a big, so big a’ (using the masc. noun  tamaño ‘size’).

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