Eight New York Couples, by Ethan James Green

A 2019 photography show, featured in AnOther magazine in “Eight New York Couples, Photographed by Ethan James Green” by Jack Moss on 11/6/19:

Tomorrow a beautiful new series from the American photographer goes on display at the National Portrait Gallery, as part of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition

American photographer Ethan James Green rose to prominence with his black-and-white portraiture of young people in New York City: a first monograph, Young New York, published by Aperture earlier this year, collected these images, the majority of which were photographed among the parks and housing projects of the city’s Lower East Side. The subjects, who connected to Green in various ways – from the city’s fashion and art scenes to social media – primarily came from New York’s youthful LGBTQ community, united by a rejection of conformity, in its various guises. “It is about me having fun with friends and allowing them to be seen as they want to be seen,” Green said at the time.

Now, a new untitled series by Green goes on show as part of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2019 exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, which opens to the public tomorrow. It marks Green’s return to the personal subject matter and style of Young New York, having spent the past year capturing increasingly high-profile figures – among them Joaquin Phoenix, Rihanna and RuPaul – for publications including American Vogue, Vanity Fair and W (Green has also contributed to both AnOther and Another Man, recently photographing Ashton Sanders for the cover of the latter). This new series, made up of eight monochrome portraits, each of a New York-based couple, is this year’s ‘In Focus’ display, a part of the Taylor Wessing exhibition which celebrates the work of an internationally renowned contemporary photographer.

Now: six of the eight couples. And then a note on the magazine from which this story comes.

The six couples. All looking defiant (because they are in some way transgressing norms). A caution: you do not know the sexual and gender identities of these young people; you only know what you see.

(#1) Nico and Dara

(#2) Juan and Tyler

(#3) Yulia and Marcs

(#4) Marcus and Cruz

(#5) Chuy and Iris

(#6) Devan and Miles

The magazines. From the site of AnOther magazine:

Another Magazine, styled AnOther, is an international fashion and culture bi-annual.

Founded in 2001, its Editor-in-Chief is Susannah Frankel, who joined in January 2016.

And the site of Another Man magazine, with this comment from me:

Another Man is a fashion and culture magazine for men, now under a corporate umbrella with AnOther magazine.
Neither magazine is particularly LGBTQ-oriented, though images of male models and male celebrities doing modeling are regularly read by some viewers as homoerotic. Ethan James Green’s images are powerfully poignant (Nico and Dara especially so), but even Juan and Tyler don’t strike me as at all homoerotic.

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