SUMC moments: the apple juice

At one point in my most recent SUMC stay we had gotten to the place where I was about to be taken off NPO (see my previous posting “SUMC moments: NPO”) and given some modest real food, but the orders to do this had not yet been issued. The head nurse (about whom more in another posting, which will take us to India and the northeast corner of South America) took pity on me and extracted — oh great pleasure! — a tiny box of apple juice for me. With a wonderful name.

The box:

Photo by Erick Barros, whose fingers in the picture give you a feel for the size of the box

Not Adam & Eve, but Eve together with (one candidate for) the biblical forbidden fruit affording knowledge of good and evil:  an apple offered to Eve in the Garden of Eden by the serpent.

(The Apple & Eve company makes nothing but apple juice, though they are of course folded into a corporate conglomerate that does many things.)

3 Responses to “SUMC moments: the apple juice”

  1. Bill Stewart Says:

    Is she the apple of your eye?

  2. Tim Evanson Says:

    I cannot recall the film, but in some ’80s comedy there’s the line:

    “Due to a mix-up in urology, there will be no apple juice served in the hospital today.”

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