The sculpture garden

Specifically, a huge (and very popular) public sculpture garden featuring nude statuary. Scarcely imaginable in the prudish United States, but it’s something of a national treasure in Norway.

From the Third Eye Traveller site, “Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo – Why You MUST Visit the Weird & Wonderful Frogner Park” by Sophie Pearce, last updated 1/15/22. One example from Pearce’s story, with her comment:

The Man Attacked by Babies sculpture shows a man that literally has babies crawling all over him. It almost looks like the babies are flying everywhere.
This abstract work is meant to represent a father who is nervous at the thought of parenthood.
Others say this is called the Man fighting off genii, or evil spirits.

(Hat tip to Pinterest, where I discovered Frogner Park.)

Pearce writes:

If you’re looking for some unique & free things to do in Oslo, then I would recommend the bizarre Vigeland Sculpture Park.

This weird and wonderful sculpture installation by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland consists of 212 sculptures. All of them are naked human figures in all kinds of situations.

You’ll find flying babies attacking people, women fighting lizards, children having tantrums, and a whole lot more.

It’s now one of Oslo’s most popular attractions located in the historic Frogner Park.

… Vigeland Park is the world’s largest sculpture park installed by a single artist.

Located in the historic borough of Frogner, within the baroque Frogner Park, it contains 212 bronze and granite statues exploring humanity.

The permanent sculpture installation, which includes statues, fountains, and bridges, was created by the famous Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland between 1924 and 1943.


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