In the air, three cruises of death

(A decidedly lubricious moment of entertainment, to spice up a Saturday; it’s about facial expressions, but men’s genitals figure prominently, so this is not for kids or the sexually modest)

This e-mail ad (cropped here) in my e-mail today (3/18) — an ad for a sale of Raging Stallion gay porn flicks, featuring characters from RS’s just-released Take Off, set in a fantasy world of airline personnel:

Left to right: Alpha Wolfe and Sean Xavier as airline pilots, Morgxn Thicke as a baggage handler — demonstrating three different approaches to the Cruise of Death, an intensely penetrating sexual facial expression, beaming a laser of desire at its target

Viewed out of context, performed as a display for an audience, as here, Cruises of Death are so over-the-top that they’re ludicrous; my first response to this ad was to laugh.

The typical deployment of a CoD is in a social, typically an outdoor, settting: on a city street, in a park or woods. But then maybe across a crowded room — in a gay bar, yes, but even in the most innocuous of settings (where the trick is to lock gazes in such a way that no one else appreciates what’s going on).

But in the RS ad, the three men are virtually naked, and they are flagrantly displaying their bodies for sex: Wolfe and Xavier are displaying their rock-hard pornstar cocks (Wolfe’s very thin 8″, Xavier’s an alarming solid thick 9″), Thicke his ass (Thicke is versatile, and his 9″ dick figures in others of his sex scenes). In this context, an intense CoD looks like a layer of pointless excess piled on top of the body display.

In any case, three different approaches to the CoD. All three have a fixity of gaze, locked onto their viewer’s gaze. Of the three, Thicke’s is the most neutral approach, managed with a bit of eye widening. Wolfe has raised his eyebrows, and Xavier has narrowed his eyes, à la Clint Eastwood.

And that’s the porn report for Saturday.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Speaking of “pointless excess”, well, the name Alpha Wolfe.

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