The boy-girl thing

🐅 🐅 🐅 three tigers for Ultimate November, which is also St. Andrew’s Day, the national day of Scotland (a day for unicorns, thistles, and heather; and haggis, shortbread, and whisky)

The One Big Happy strip from 10/7, another in a series on boys and masculinity:

James and Joe, playing with their cars — and contemplating how to negotiate the shift away from the significantly homosocial world of childhood to the more complex heterosocial worlds of adolescence

Note that Monica signals her openness to further exchange with Joe — and that she picks Joe rather than James; if you know the strip’s characters, you will see that she has chosen wisely.

Personal matters. I chose this OBH strip to do a little posting about this morning, to open the day while I worked on various more ambitious postings already in preparation. There’s a lot more to say about relations between the sexes, about gender stereotypes as illustrated in the strip, and about normative masculinity and femininity, and I intended to brush up against those topics.

But here’s how things worked out. I slept from 8 pm through 4 am. A generally satisfying sleep, except for considerable pain in my hips and knees. Woke feeling energetic and optimistic, took my thyroid medication at 4, then (needing to wait an hour before eating anything) drank tea and worked on assembling pieces of the posting above. Breakfast at 5. As I was washing the breakfast dishes, drinking a tall glass of industrial-strength cold-brew black coffee, the warning signs of a narcoleptic episode overwhelmed me, I got to my recliner chair and blacked out in seconds. Came back to consciousness two hours later through extraordinarily vivid hallucinations that took several minutes to shake off.

Caught up with Facebook friends — FB is almost my entire social world, so this is very important to me. Worked on defrosting a garbanzo stew for lunch. Crafted the little posting above. Had the stew, in a hot-and-sour variation, for an early lunch. Mandarin  oranges for dessert. All very satisfying. Washed the lunch dishes, began puzzling about what to do about dinner (working around my comatose chirping refrigerator, not spending all my money on having food brought in).

Then fierce warning of oncoming narcolepsy, just barely got back in the recliner when I blacked out for another two hours, plus about 15 minutes to come out of it, but with screamingly painful joints. Needed to wait some time (letting MSNBC stream past me) until I could use my hands again.

So here I am, never having properly finished that little posting from the dark of the morning and writing this explanation of why not.

It’s 4 in the afternoon, I need to go out and pick up the mail and figure out what to do about dinner. And answer my e-mail. Or not; I’ve become a very bad correspondent.

Well, tomorrow it’s the rabbits. The rabbits are always hopeful.



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  1. Doug Wyman Says:

    I used to live with a narcoleptic chap. He had a large supply of “speed” pills to help counteract the ailment. Odd thing Narcolepsy.

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