The wrap artist

Yet another Sick Day for me, so this is a minimal posting — you’ll have to google up stuff on your own — but I was so taken by today’s Wayno / Piraro Bizarro that I wanted to share it with you (with a bit of commentary, of course):

Wayno’s antic title: “Wrapper’s Delight” (with a pun on wrap vs. rap that I’ve borrowed for the title of this posting); if you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 6 in this strip — see this Page

Three of those 6 symbols have been put to double duty by being wrapped Christo-fashion — not so remarkable for the pipe, but just delightful for the piece of pie and for the alien (inside its UFO!).

And then the rapt reader of the Christo book is himself wrapped — wrapped like a mummy (alluding vaguely to a bit of pop culture, the Mummy movies) or like the Invisible Man of the movies, when he had to go out in the world (another nod towards pop culture).


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