Midnight Oxtail Stew

(Another Mary, Queen of Scots Not Dead Yet posting. I’m still in the Sick Zone — up at 4 after a rocky, painful night, then two two-hour periods of knocked-out unconsciousness by 10, so I don’t expect to get much work done today.)

(Oh yes, a pornstar flaunts his body shamelessly, so the posting is not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The text for today was supplied late last night on Facebook:

— Owen Campbell: What am I doing you ask? Just simmering a midnight oxtail stew for tomorrow

— AZ > OC: I do like midnight oxtail stew. Not a bad band name. And then there’s the gay pornstar Midknight Oxtail Stu.

First the food, then the gay pornstars.

Oxtails. From Wikipedia:

Oxtail (occasionally spelled ox tail or ox-tail) is the culinary name for the tail of cattle. While the word once meant only the tail of an ox, today it can also refer to the tails of other cattle. An oxtail typically weighs 5 lbs (3.5kg) and is skinned and cut into shorter lengths for sale. [AZ: the meat is tough, and the butchered pieces include cross-sections of vertebrae]

Oxtail is a gelatin-rich meat, which is usually slow-cooked as a stew or braised. It is a traditional stock base for oxtail soup. Traditional preparations involve slow cooking

Oxtails are just beef tails, cooked long and slowly for an entree or for soups or stews, the soups and stews figuring in (at least) British, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Southern American, and Creole cuisines.

As it happens, my neighborhood Caribbean restaurant up the street in Palo Alto, Coconuts (which I’ve reported on several times on this blog), offers an excellent (Jamaican) “tender braised oxtail”:

(#1) At Coconuts, left to right: fried plaintains, brown rice, braised oxtails: solid and satisfying plain food (peasant food, designed to take advantage of every part of the cow)

Pornstars. As far as I know, Oxtail hasn’t been used for a porn name, but I can show you the ostentatiously sleazy pornstar Dionisio (an Argentine-born performer who often acts under the name D.O.) flaunting an oxtail hardon:

(#2) A p.r. shot for Raging Stallion studio

Dionisio (as in Dionysian, calling up unbridled bacchanals, among other things) is part of the man’s birth name, so I don’t suppose he gets any special credit for having chosen a sexually suggestive porn name. But then there are a fair number of aggressively phallic-named gay pornstars: Zak Spears, Chris Lance, Dallas Steele, Dirk Caber.

And then there’s Jake Manhole (yes, a bottom). And the half-insertive, half-receptive Rod Canyon (versatile, but as I recall, more inclined to canyonhood than rodness).

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