Zwicky P

(Please, no watersports jokes. Even though the posting is about beer.)

Come across by fortunate accident, this product of the 4 Noses Brewing Company, a family-run independent brewery in Broomfield CO (owned and operated by the Bibliowicz family):

(#1) [AMZ:] Like that logo!

Zwicky P is an ultra fluffy, thirst-quenching 5% ABV Pilsner-style lager with flavor characteristics reminiscent of honey and white grape. “Zwickel”, the term for a port to sample beer, stylistically refers to the German process of serving bier young, unfiltered, unpasteurized and with a pronounced yeast profile often lost during the multiple-month cold maturation process characteristic for modern lagers. Like brewers sampling directly from the fermenter, Zwicky P is meant to be consumed by the litre! (company link)

Here are the four noses (Tommy and David refer jokingly to their noses on occasion):

(#2) The 4 Noses Brewing Co. family, headed by Tommy Bibliowicz, third from left. here; he’s at the brewery with his father, Natan; mother, Jessica; and brother David (2015 photo by 4 Noses Brewing)

The usual genealogical sources seem to have nothing to say about the Bibliowicz family name, but the noses and the spelling of the name say to me: Jews from Poland. So where does the (deeply Germanophone Swiss) name Zwicky come from? Just a play on Zwickel?


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