Big queer cool noodles

In the bon appétit e-mail yesterday (6/10), Taiwanese noodles for Gay Pride Month. From the e-mail:

Big Queer Cold Noodles: These noodles have a special place in the heart and stomach of BA contributor Jessie YuChen, who styled the recipe after a beloved late-night dish from a hole-in-the-wall neighbor to Taipei’s only lesbian bar. It’s perfect for Pride parties all summer long.

A cold salad of (mostly) vegetables in rainbow flag colors, plus of course the cold noodles. Missing the color blue, which is not available in any common vegetable. Instead of yellow bell peppers or squash for yellow: beaten eggs cooked in sheets and then cut into strips. And with the six colors not quite in their canonical order red – orange – yellow – green – (blue) – purple; going clockwise from the red bell peppers, the orange carrots are out of order. But then why should a celebration of the gay and queer have to adhere to a normative ordering?

The recipe by Jessie YuChen can be found in the June 2022 issue of Bon Appétit magazine, on-line on 5/24/22. The components:

— lo mein or ramen noodles

— colors: strips of cooked beaten egg (yellow); red bell pepper, (orange) carrot, (green) Persian cucumber, red cabbage (which is purple)

— sauce: creamy peanut butter or tahini, Taiwanese black vinegar or Worcestershire sauce, white vinegar, demerara or raw sugar, soy sauce, chopped garlic cloves

— garnish: unsalted roasted peanuts and cilantro

Refreshing for hot summer days. And symbolically entertaining.

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