Gallery: five beautiful male faces

A small photo gallery on male facial beauty, plus selected links to postings on the topic on this blog — all this as auxiliary to a brief posting on the N + N compound noun face man / faceman / face-man that I’m preparing. Hey, it’s a chance to enjoy the pictures first. (Erst kommt das Fressen, dann kommt die Moral).

The men.

(#1) The young Clint Eastwood (in Rawhide), offering a half-smile (performed with both eyes and mouth)

(#2) Robert Redford (in Butch and Sundance)

(#3) Jean-Paul Belmondo (in Breathless), to whom my husband-equivalent Jacques Transue was once favorably compared

(#4) Brad Pitt (on the beach, displaying his shirtless body, but I’ve picked out his smiling face) — (AZ taste note:) beautiful male face, yes; smiling man, oh yes, smiling man with a beautiful face, priceless

(#5) Jensen Ackles (in a shirtless display of his body, but I’ve picked out his beautiful face)

Hunks are, of course, also wonderful, and all five of these men are, or were, notable hunks as well as facially beautiful — so these guys are the whole package, from their sturdy calves and thighs all the way up to their beautiful eyes. Straight women and gay men swoon, straight guys envy.

The postings. Four selected from a larger set.

my 8/6/13 posting “Seven Supermen and Brad Pitt”

my 2/29/16 posting “Four mythic hunks”: Sam Worthington, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Kevin Sorbo

my 3/10/16 posting “Male beauty”: in general, but especially facial male beauty; distinguishing “beautiful man” and “pretty boy”

my 11/25/19 posting “Revisiting 38: More male beauty”: focused on Jacques Transue and Clint Eastwood

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