The fiberglass bakery

Today’s Zippy strip takes us to the near suburbs of Philadelphia, on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River, to Del Buono’s Bakery (and Carmen’s Deli) in Haddon Heights (Camden County) — a serious commercial bakery whose store is home to a large family of fiberglass creatures, roadside icons goofily congregated around the bakery building:

(#1) The strip scarcely does credit to the zaniness of the place; meanwhile, their baked goods get high marks from the locals

A better view of Del Buono’s (though I gather that there’s still more stuff strewn around the place than we see here):

(#2) Artworks not built to same scale

(I’ve posted dozens of times about roadside fiberglass art — especially Muffler Men and their kin — and Zippy’s fondness for it. I don’t have these postings collected any place, but you could search on this blog on “fiberglass” and “Muffler” to find most of them.)

Note on where Haddon Heights is. A Google map:

(#3) Just a few miles from downtown Philly, in South Jersey

Meanwhile, note Reading, the City of my childhood; Philadelphia and New York, the Big Cities of my childhood; Allentown, the city of my birth; and Princeton, the town of my undergraduate years.

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