Jordan Zwicky of Glow City Candles

Thanks to Google Alerts at the Halloween season, the Insider posting “Carving wax reveals monster candles” (in its entirety) by Kiki Sideris on 11/3, with this seasonal news (plus a YouTube video of the making of a Halloween candle):

Wax artist Jordan Zwicky of Glow City Candles and her apprentice, Clerisca Ribourg, create handmade Halloween candles. They dip each candle to create 30 to 50 layers of wax and carve them by hand. The candles take the form of eyeballs, zombies, skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, and more. They are made to last forever and glow from the inside out when the wick is lit.

Two seasonal offerings:

(#1) Poison Apple ($50)

(#2) Poison Apple Skull ($55)

Yes, another Zwicky of note (I collect them).

Background: Insider. From Wikipedia:

Insider Inc., originally called Business Insider Inc., is an American online media company known for publishing the financial news website Business Insider and other news and media websites.

… In 2015, Business Insider started establishing a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook for Insider, its forthcoming general news site comparable to BuzzFeed. The website launched in May 2016 and focuses on lifestyle articles.

Insider itself says, somewhat unhelpfully, “Insider is a global news publication that tells the stories you want to know”.

The Insider story tells you nothing about Glow City Candles, like where they are or what, exactly, they do, and it tells you nothing about Jordan Zwicky. It’s just a contextless snippet of lifestyle news.

Background: Glow City Candles. Astonishingly, its site is not much better. It assumes you already know what they do and what their products are like, and just provides you with a way to order them (which is how I found #1 and #2).

I did discover that Glow City Candles LLC is licensed in Arizona, with a mailing address in Mesa AZ under Jordan Zwicky’s name. So its her business (though she clearly has some staff working for her in this labor-intensive enterprise). Of her we learn nothing, though I for one would like to hear the story of how she came to do this for a living. Compare her to Gina Zwicky, the New Orleans biologist, naturalist, and wildlife photographer, with her lively, entertaining, and informative Twitter account.

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