Tripping over the signature

Yes, I’m not dead yet, but I’ve had grave difficulties in getting even a tiny posting together. So here’s today’s (7/23) Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon, from the meta-cartoon world:

We’ve seen piles of cartoons in which speech balloons play a role as physical objects in the cartoon’s world: people point at their contents, they act as actual balloons carrying someone away, etc. Now it’s the artist’s signature.

My apologies for my long blog silence. Several huge postings are still in the works, and dozens of smaller ones as well. But there’s been almost no time left in my world, even to post seriously about why it is that I’ve been unable to post. A confluence of awfulness. New health problems, including one that has me sleeping 10 to 12 hours a day, also a wild flare-up of osteoarthritis in my hands that makes it hard to use them at all. Plus an incredible hassle with the Stanford computer system, which now requires the installation of a “Cardinal Key” system for access — but days and days of work with several very helpful IT people at Stanford still hasn’t settled things; apparently the system is just not prepared for a Stanford professor who uses their own computer on Stanford business (as I always have, for a couple of decades).

There’s more, much more. I have managed to find a couple occasions for pleasurable short breaks, so as not to go crazy. Maybe I’ll be able to post about these eventually.

But like the Pythonic Mary, Queen of Scots, I’m not dead yet.


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